Weekend Miles Recap

Friday 15 MIles
Saturday 6 Miles
Rainy Strides

Friday morning I woke up super early to attempt to get 15-17 miles.  My goal was to attempt this on the dreadmill, which was a HUUUUUUGE stretch.  I did my best to prepare.  I got my Nuun, Gu, and even my Kindle Fire with Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal all queued to watch.

By 45 minutes in, I was going to kill someone or break something.  Most likely the guy who refused to let me having the aerial fan on while he walked and just stood on the treadmill.  It might have been my Hulu I wanted to chuck across the room because I swore it was a 2 hour episode of Grey’s, not 1 because I HAD to have run at least 10 miles, not 5.

As soon as the sun popped up, I busted out of 24 Hour Fitness and ran like Lindsay Lohan when she ditched her ankle bracelet – down the streets giddy with fresh air and ignoring the rain.  I may or may not have actually been singing Tom Petty out loud to everyone within ear shot.

Rain run on the trails in the VERY early morning...

Rain run on the trails in the VERY early morning…

On Sunday I snuck in a quick 6 miles.  They were hilly, they were quick and I literally ran to Buffalo Wild Wings to meet up with some of my favorite peeps to watch some football.

They gladly obliged….but they stuck to lemonade while Mommy enjoyed herself a little post-run treat.

2012-12-02But you’re welcome BWW’s patrons I had thrown a fresh shirt in the car before so I wasn’t stinking out the whole restaurant.

What were your runs like this weekend?
Are you a football fan?
In keeping with good family tradition, I plan my weekends around the Chicago Bear schedule

4 thoughts on “Weekend Miles Recap

  1. I’m always impressed by those who can log miles on a treadmill. 20 miles outside, okay. 2 miles inside, we have a problem. Scandal and other good tv may help with that though. I will have to try that on those bad weather days.

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