How Do You Run So Long?

Sunday – 7 miles

On Sunday I had a first…I set out for a run and at 7 miles I was 2 miles from home with super tight calves knowing pushing it would be silly.  It was time to call in the Weenie Wagon.


While it wasn’t exactly a long run, it got me thinking to the conversation I tend to have with my family on a regular basis “How do you run so long?”.  Honestly, compared to a lot of runners, a 2 hour run is nothing, but for a lot of my family and friends they just can’t wrap their minds around this.

Let me preface what I’m about to say by reminding you that I think I have the raddest kids in the world and love being their mom more than ANYTHING…

It’s impossible to not want to eat these little butt heads up every, single, day…


People, let me tell you about my post-run Sunday afternoon.  Within an 8-hour window the following happened.

  • Kids broke a doorhandle
  • A soccer ball kicked into the garage which jacked up the garage door opener
  • Fixed said garage door and doorhandle
  • Plucked a corn kernel out of a child’s ear
  • Dished out at least 4 timeouts
  • Dug my car keys out of the garbage can thank you Vanilla…
  • Cooked 2 meals
  • Reffed about 3,528 fights between my kids.

And crazily enough, this was with someone helping me….So for you non-runners, there is no need to ask how I run so long, instead, you instead you should probably ask, “Why don’t you run longer?”

What’s your favorite distance to run?
I like 11-16 milers

What is the most random thing you did this weekend?
Nothing from my weekend beats pulling a popcorn kernel out of a child’s ear in the random category.  Well, maybe the conversation after the “procedure” in which I explained that it is not ever funny to put random objects in any hole in your body to make people laugh.  That’s some advice you can take to the bank 😉


9 thoughts on “How Do You Run So Long?

  1. Your blog entry made me smle this morning as today is a rest day for me….Talk about the Weanie Wagon! lol :c) Still healing up an aggravating runners knee….
    I envy you for every single broken doorknob, kid squables, time outs, and all those meals. Enjoy this time and I know you do! And yes…..Run long and far…lol
    I had a house filled with antics like yours….its quiet now as my kids are married and grown….but…they DO COME HOME and it is amazing how 28, 26, and 24 yr olds quickly regress back to childhood! lol
    You balance it so well….such an inspiration for your children….and me. ((hugs))

    • Thanks for the smile here back! I actually love, love, LOVE this age they are at. Almost every day I ask them if they can stop eating & growing and/or if I can put them in a bottle forever because it’s pretty amazing 🙂 Thanks for the encouragement!

  2. There have been MANY times I’ve wanted to call and have someone pick me up. Sadly I usually run on paths or trails that are too far from a road for that to work. Sounds like you had a really “fun” afternoon.

  3. It’s never a good idea to put things in your body to please others, laughing or not. Very good advice indeed. This weekend I realized just how many hours are in a weekend since I didn’t run at all. Wow, those things can be long!

  4. Ha ha ha…Been there, done that…the sticking things into varies holes…lol, my son once stuck foam up his nose and finally had to take him to the doctor so they could get it out. My chitlins are all teens now but so much fun to hang out with, sometimes I miss those days when they were younger and often sweeter…I love to run 5-10 miles at a stretch…love the longer miles, it’s my me-time.

    • Oh that’s rough with the foam! I remember hearing about a friend’s kid or someone who stuck one of those sponge capsules up their nose and it got lodged in their sinus. Ew, ew, ew……

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