The Turkey Trot – Minus the Trot

Family Football Fun
9 Miles
Super Slow Strides

Not sure how your turkey day rounded out…but mine was a big feast of football, cooking, more football and hives.

Let me recap – my big Turkey Day run – cancelled.

My family wanted me on fresh legs for the Schofurkey Bowl – my family’s Thanksgiving tradition – a 2-hour football game.  I don’t have a pic, but this is last year’s Christmas game…add about 8 more 20-something males and you have the idea.

A family that Eye Blacks together, stays together.

Let me just say that the event starts with a climb over a 10-foot chain link fence to get to the field and usually ends with muscle soreness for several days.  My family is a little uber competitive and I think only 3 pairs of shorts were ripped, as well as half a dozen egos.

On one play I ended up scratching up my legs from a little meeting with the grass, which slowly turned to hives, which eventually turned into a full blown allergy attack to end my Thanksgiving.  Since my fam shuddered in fear every time I walked into the room, I opted to pop two Benadryl and call it a day around 9pm.

Since I was hopped up on Benny and working in the kitchen most of the evening, I didn’t get any pics from the festivities, but luckily my family Instagrammed the chaos.

Luckily the next morning I needed to shake off the antihistamines and was able to crank out 9 miles on some still very stiff legs – recovery from the Griffith Park Half Marathon & 10K is definitely taking a bit longer than I anticipated.  Any time I went faster than 9 minute miles, my calves tightened up like my kids’ mouths around brussel sprouts.  So slow and steady I went and got my post-Turkey day miles in.

How was your Turkey Day?
Did you get any good workouts in?
Do you have a family tradition?


6 thoughts on “The Turkey Trot – Minus the Trot

  1. Oh that looks like so much fun!! Totally worth the slow next day run. I spent T Day morning on a spin bike but I was with a really good friend who’s injured right now too so I guess we were thankful to pout together.

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