I’m a Liar: Griffith Park Half Marathon Results

13ish miles 
Somebody Kill Me Strides

Let me first start off by saying that this is just my experience with the Griffith Park Half marathon and I’ll be posting a full recap/review of the race tomorrow.

First of all 8:30 race starts in the winter are brilliant because I could wake up at 6 and have PLENTY of time to get ready.  I even had time to craft a cute little poem for ya’ll before I got going.  (Yes I said ya’ll, this must be post race delirium)

Since my calf was being rough last week, Dr. Scott recommended either putting on a handful of pre-race miles or using a heat wrap.  I chose the heat wrap. #lazybum

Don’t worry, I took it off before the race….rocking the argyle ProCompressions

I got to the race start and really thought this was going to be a training run since I’m not competitive at all (riiiiight).  The plan – 10 good miles, play the last 3.  This was all fun and games except that a mile in I realized I was woman #2.  So I lied.  This ended up so not being a training run but more of a race.

Random Facts About the Race:

Placing:  1:54:50 or somewhere around there and a 3rd place woman overall finish.  Fun times.

Photo Finish: I may or may not have done a switch leap across the finish line.  I’m not even kidding.

Pedestrian:  I was more pedestrian and less runner for about 3/4 of a mile throughout the race when I literally could not run.  I walked.  It was in bursts, it was always at brutal places uphill and everyone else was doing it so there.

Party:  Somewhere along the way I met Shawn and Rueben who pretty much kept me together at the end of the race and then we spent time afterward talking faith, tattoos, and PR’s – you know, typically runner stuff.  I seriously *heart* the running community.

My mile 8-13 BFF’s. They are rock stars!  I on the other hand am way more awkward than rock star.

Potty Mouth:  Uh, pretty sure the climbing of 3 different mountains or whatever caused me to utter pretty much every word not allowed on TV a few times.  Sorry fellow runners, I was a little cranky.

Photos:  I’ll show more pics later, but even as I ran in 2nd place I stopped to take a few photos along the way.

Sneak preview of pics from the course. Note, I run up those switch backs a few minutes later. #notfun

Panties:  Apparently I’m running with the big girls now since most of the women who finished around me typically run 1:32-1:35 half paces.  Honestly, if I hadn’t spent 5,100 some odd feet going uphill and this was a flat course (what if’s right?!), I think this level of effort would have nabbed me a pretty li’l PR.

To summarize the race best…I’ll always remember the Griffith Park Half Marathon as the day I learned that hills are no joke and….

The day I kicked ass in argyle & pigtails.

19 thoughts on “I’m a Liar: Griffith Park Half Marathon Results

  1. Great job! RunnIng hills is the perfect time to try out all the new expletives. Imagine the fancy new swear words you’ll be able to throw down when you get on a flat course and best your PR.

  2. Congratulations! I love it when a race turns out more amazing than you think it will. I haven’t done any trail running but you make it look like fun — tough but good fun!

    • I was a little skeptical about the argyle and even almost returned them before I wore them this weekend but am glad I kept them around. They were quite the conversation piece yesterday!

  3. Glad to get a chance to run with you, at least for a bit. Keep working on “flying” down those steep hills and you’ll have a new PR next year. Alexander (#281).

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