Twas the Night Before Race Day

My non-running friends never understand why I want to go to bed at 4:30pm the day before a race and then complain about how little sleep I actually got.

‘Cause let’s face it, we’ve all been there before!  

Have you seen my sleepz? I can’t seem to find it…

‘Twas the night before race day, and I’m lying in bed
With all that could go wrong, running through my head.
My mind wouldn’t stop, Did I forget a shoe?
Where is my sports bra?  Will I be able to poo?

While other slumber easily, into restful sleep,
I lie awake wistfully hoping they won’t make a peep.
If they wake me up, I’ll curse and I’ll holler!
For this here said race cost me a pretty dollar.

I check my alarm for the fifty-eighth time,
As my thoughts drift back to the nasty 9th mile climb.
Did I train hard enough?  Did I run enough miles?
What crazies partake in running lifestyles?

Will it be windy?  Will it be cold? Will it be hot? Will it rain?
Will there be traffic?  Can I park?  I’m going insane!
What if trained for months and months at the wrong pace?
Is there a free beer tent at the end of the race?

And I know my race pics will look like crap,
But then I’ll finish and can just take a nap.
To make up for sleep I lost here tonight.
So happy race day to all and to all a good post-race night!


8 thoughts on “Twas the Night Before Race Day

      • Awesome! Way to take it easy girl! Lol ;p omg! Why did i drive all the way out there and couldn’t find it?! So pathetic, I was just there the day before, Wth! 😥 I’m SO bummed, you don’t even know. How’d you do today?

      • WHAT?!?! The directions were different (she sent a separate email) and it was on the other side of the park (by the carousel). I finished 5th woman overall…it was a lot of fun, but oh my word my legs had that not so fresh feeling!

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