True Confession Thursday: How To NOT Be Mom of The Year

Unintentional Rest Day
So What Strides

If there was ever any doubt that my Mom of the Year application should just get lost in the mail, today provided ample evidence that fate would reject my application before the committee would.

As soon as he woke up Chocolate was complaining about his knee.  He has a habit of sleeping funny and waking up with sore joints because of the ridiculous angle he sleeps in (imagine a backwards C with arms and legs splayed for from every side of the bed).

Evidence as to why I’m not an artist or graphic designer

As he headed out of the car at school I realized he had a big ol’ bump on his leg….and the leg was all warm.  Yep, one marble sized abscess with heat to go please.  I felt badly for making him “walk it off” all morning.

Apparently the ability to ignore your kids when they’re in serious pain is genetic since my mother did this to me when I broke my arm….and then again when I broke my ankle….

Mom and I doing yoga this summer….apparently we’ve made amends since then

No seriously Mom, I’m pretty sure the damage was only semi-permanent.

My bid for Mom of the Year took another turn for the worse when we hit up Target to pick up Chocolate’s antibiotics.  I was so worried about getting change out for the 3 kids to put into the charity box in front of the store that I failed to notice only two kids were standing next to me.


After a brief panic and scan inside the store I found the day glow haired friend casually reading a magazine at the checkout like he unquestioningly knew I’d be back.

Luckily kids are pretty resilient and a little ice cream makes the memories fade away fast.

What #fails have you had this week?
When was the last time your schedule ate up your workout time entirely?


5 thoughts on “True Confession Thursday: How To NOT Be Mom of The Year

  1. Major parenting fail: Kiddo ate breakfast. We skipped lunch to go on a pirate cruise. fell asleep before our late lunch. woke up cranky, had to get to my grandpas so we ran through starbucks and gave her a coffee frap. Yes- I caffeinated my 2 year old.

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