The Game Plan

50 minutes on the bike
Spinning Strides

As per my commitment – no running today.  I did get about 3 miles of walking in on Monday and then got a good solid 50 minute workout on the bike at my hotel yesterday.

Can I be a little honest (because clearly I hold back often)?

I’m super duper über nervous  about this weekend’s races.

On Saturday I’m tackling the Griffith Park Trails Half Marathon of which the course would best be described as gut wrenching brutal the most masochistic thing I’ve done in a long time.

See how much fun that looks?

In order to make this even MORE fun, I wake up on Sunday to run the Griffith Park 10k.

The Plan:

Saturday:  Training Run. period. This is a training run, not a race for me.  Since there are only about 400 runners doing this, I just want to take the time to enjoy a small race, check out the scenery and check out this bad boy:

Yep, part of the trails duck near the iconic Hollywood sign, overlooks the LA skyline, and Runyon Canyon – some of my favorite LA views.  In all likelihood, this will be the slowest half I’ve ever run.  And that’s okay.

Sunday:  Sunday Fun Day?  Depending on how much my legs hate me, I’ll likely push the 10k a little harder.  I say that now, and the truth is I’ll probably end up crawling all 7 miles. I have no idea how many runners or how fast that race should go, but I’m more comfortable pushing it on the shorter run.  I mean, who doesn’t feel more comfortable running faster on shorter runs.  There’s some serious logic, eh?

How would you handle back to back races?
Is my plan race smart or race stupid?


2 thoughts on “The Game Plan

  1. Sounds like a solid plan, and takes the pressure off. Saturday training, Sunday recovery-ish/kinda, lol. Good luck tomorrow!! I wish you well! I’ll be at the last aid station. Im also running on Sunday. Met the director today, she’s GREAT! It should be a good event! 🙂
    ~Barri (like Barry)

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