Hit the Road Jack

7.5 Miles
Freezing Cold Strides

On Sunday I woke up and opted to sneak in a few miles early in the morning.  I was up in LA and only had a pair of running shorts packed, not pants.  You can imagine how happy I was to see this on the thermometer.

If there was ever a WTF moment, this was one of them….

I know, I know…my inner Chicagoan is ashamed that the 43 in November was considered cold, but I seriously contemplated going back to the heated house instead of busting out a few miles.

Irregardless of the cold, I pushed on through and even broke a little tiny bit of sweat at the end in my elbow pit proving it wasn’t THAT cold after all.  Bummer on the wasted theatrics.

Sunday evening I had to hit the road (actually the air) for work and headed up to Oakland for two days.  I super miss my babes but lucky for me there’s an app for that.

If you can’t be there for the real tuck in, the FaceTime tuck in is not a shabby second.  The best part is Chocolate lurking in the shadows so as to only be identified by his teeth.  Kudos to him for coming up with the ninja tuck in.  Vanilla stuck with coy snuggle and Strawberry channeled his inner hill billy sporting his gap toothed smile for bed.

As far as hitting the actual pavement this week, I’ve decided to take a few days off from running.  *gasp*  *thrash*  *shock*  My legs are still a little creaky & squeaky and I’m noticing some tweakiness and pulls in places I don’t like.  Since the name of the game is stay injury free until Boston, I opted to take 5 days off of running since I have two big, hilly challenging races this weekend.

Instead of lacing up the ol’ running shoes, I’ll just hit the bike, elliptical, etc. for a few days. I’m probably going to hit up Dr. Scott for an ART session at some point before the races to ensure things are nice and loose and keep the ol’ tendonitis from flaring up.   Not my favorite choice ever, but worth it to keep the legs fresh and uninjured.

What’s a hard decision you’ve made this week?
Do you have a favorite tuck in routine from being a kid or with your kids now (if you’ve got ’em)? 


10 thoughts on “Hit the Road Jack

  1. I love ART. Hurts.So.Good. I’ve been slacking with workouts this week (hey! I’m on “vacation”) But i’m ready to hit it hard next week!

  2. Pish–43! Teasing you…in LA terms, I’m sure that’s cold! I had the most miserable cold, dark, windy, rainy run ever today and it involved all 10 yassos on the track. I was soaked to the bone, miserable and couldn’t wait to be done. The best hot shower of all time!

    Good move taking off now rather than later when you could potentially hurt.

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