Holly Jolly Half Marathon

If you’ve been lurking around Striding Mom then you know I’m in the middle of my 12 half/full marathons in 12 months.  

Between the holidays and the 12 days leading up to Christmas involving the birthdays of 4 people I’m close to, December is a tough month to find a race.  I ended up with literally one morning available to make it happen and lo and behold it turns out there’s a race that works.

The Holly Jolly Half Marathon in Camarillo, CA on Sunday, December 16th.

Check out the super cute medals!

I emailed Bill the fabulous race director who connected me with a bib and I’m thrilled to participate in the race.  It’s a smaller local race run on a looped course (2 loops) which I’ve never done before, so I’m excited to check it out.  Plus as an added bonus, the start line is about 2 miles from a dear friend’s house, so I can drive up the night before

In addition, the race supports Toys for Tots which means you can’t go wrong.  Races and happy kids.  I’m excited for my bambinos to bring toys to the finish line!

It sounds like there’s a costume contest involved in the race as well.  I’ve never raced in costume, but let’s see if I will pony up and order some red compression socks to be festive or something like that.

Want to join me?  Check out Holly Jolly Half.

What races do you have coming up?
Have you ever dressed up for a race?


15 thoughts on “Holly Jolly Half Marathon

  1. That sounds like a fun one! Plus, it’s always nice to run a new course. I’ll be doing our annual Celtic Solstice race that weekend (5 miler). It will be two weeks post-marathon, so it may be more of a run than a race for me!

  2. I’ll be running my first marathon in Santa Barbara tomorrow! It amazes me that you’re doing 12 half/full marathons in 12 months, now that I know what it takes to train up and have the courage to show up at the starting line!

  3. Fun! Cant wait to see the pics from this one! Im doing # 2 of 12 tomorrow at tge Santa Barbara Half (walk, since ive been sick again). Oh! Im doing the Paramount Trail in Dec. Afterall! Youre doing Griffith next weekend, no? Im volunteering for the half and running the 10K on Sunday! Hopefully i see you!!!!! =p

    • Winter races can be really tough! Luckily SoCal winter weather is exactly what we need for good racing weather, but I dare not run races in a lot of other places in December 🙂

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