True Confession Thursday: The Absent-Minded Professor

5 Miles
Hacking Strides

At 6am yesterday morning and put together a “to do” list for the day.  I quickly stashed the paper away so as not to lose it.  As the day wore on, I couldn’t figure out where in the world I put that stupid piece of paper.  I worked and was in mile 4 out of 5 before I remembered where the stupid paper was.


Somewhere around mile 4.25 in a 5 mile run I couldn’t figure out why my chest was all scratchy.

The run itself was a total boneheaded move as I have had a craptastic cough on and off all week and it went all kamikaze on me last night and this morning.  During a period of Robitussin reprieve I thought I felt good enough to squeeze a few miles in on my way to picking up the boys from school this evening.

Stupid move.

I fought the cough and the cough won.  This girl’s gotta remember that running is okay if it’s in the neck and above, but when the cold’s in the chest – keep the running shoes off the toesies.

Snuggle sesh!

Luckily Vanilla and Chocolate were down for a snuggle sesh before bed to help make up for the day’s stupidity.  Apparently there’s nothing that some nightly nestling from showered and pajamaed 5 year-olds can’t fix.

What have you literally lost “right under your nose”?
When do you know when to run and when to cut it out when you’re under the weather?


5 thoughts on “True Confession Thursday: The Absent-Minded Professor

  1. I’ve had a sniffle/cough for a while now and I think working out has made it harder to kick. aaaahhhh crap.

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