Who Else Is Running?

4.5 Tempo Miles
Beaten But Not Broken Strides

Sometimes we runners…and especially running bloggers forget something important.

We’re not the only ones running!!!!

Why hello super shocked face!

Which is why I’m reminding us all of one very important thing about all of the other people and issues running today.  We’re having an election part-ay in my house to watch the results come in this evening, even if we might not find out the Presidential results for a few months (which is what a lot of analysts are expecting).

Did you support the other “runners” by getting your vote on?


13 thoughts on “Who Else Is Running?

  1. We’re having a party too. Difference is, we’re in Canada. The kids have watched all the debates, have their favorite and are really hoping you guys agree. My husband and I have never missed a chance to vote and hope our children will follow suit. Democracy is fun, important nd revealing. Plus if you don’t vote, can you really complain?

    • Oh you kind of have the fun part – you get to watch and partake but without the consequences either way 🙂 And I agree! I told my boys you can’t complain if you don’t vote, so VOTE!

      • Oh there are definitely implications for us. We’ve got trade deals and relationships to maintain and that pesky problem of most Americans (including some cadidates) knowing little about how our system works.

        With the little brother complex our current Prime Minister has, who you elect could have a very direct impact on what comes before our house of parliament in the next few years. Many of the issues you guys are trying to solve, things we thought we’d nailed down (health care, gay rights, abortion laws) are all coming back to the surface as we watch you try to sort them out.

        PS we vote with sharpies on paper, no machines, no buttons, no chads. It’s working alright for us so far.

      • Wow, I had no idea that those issues were bubbling to the top again. Our neighbors up north always seemed so stable on a lot of social issues…I’m intrigued. I’ll have to dig deeper and read up on this when the dust settles here 🙂

    • Shannon, I just found your comments in the spam section – not sure how they landed there, but I’m glad you landed here! How fun to watch your son vote for the first time! I think it’s SO important to show our kids the election process so I dragged my babes out in the wee hours of the morning to vote!

  2. I voted, and living in WA, voting is SO easy! Ballots are mailed and you can either mail them in or drop them off. I’m super in love with the system. I now vote on the littler elections that I might have missed in my previous states, since I don’t have to leave my house to vote!

      • Ha! Well the votes are still coming in, since it is vote by mail it takes longer for them to tally, but it’s looking like most likely marijuana will be legal. Gay marriage and who the governor will be is not so certain. I guess that’s the excruciating part of vote-by-mail. You have to wait longer to hear the results!

      • I didn’t realize that the gay marriage poll was so close? I thought I read it had passed. No matter who the governor is they won’t have the same muscles as your ol’ governornator eh?

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