The Little Engine that Tanked

15.4 Miles
Just When You Think You’re Awesome You Remember You’re NOT Strides

Yesterday I was all set to head out for a nice 15-miler.  I was dressed, hydrated, filling my water bottles and ready to head out the door when I got a text from a friend.  Here’s the short version.

Missy:  Want to run tomorrow?
Me:  I was just about to head out for 15, would that work?
Missy: I  would love to do 15, [insert details]

The old proverb says that “Hope deferred makes the heart sick”, but let me tell you, “A long run deferred makes the heart happy”.

When we met this morning she informed me of her hopeful workout – run Top of the World trail and down, and then do some 3-5 minute pickups X 6.

I kind of peed my pants a little at the thought, but pretended I thought it was brilliant idea since one day I’d like to run 1/4 as good as her.

The first two miles are easy peasy then we hit the 2-mile 1,000 foot incline.  Hi, isn’t walking and trying not to die fun?

See those cute little runners on the right overlooking the ocean (the other side pictured on the left overlooks the valley which had beautiful mist & haze in it this morning)?  I’m pretty sure they were surprised that the awful wheezing, barking sound behind them was not a dying animal, but a scrawntastic woman trying to run.

Hello 11 minute miles.  It was super not fun.  Let’s not do it again anytime soon.

After we wrapped up the 8.2 miles up and down our little mini-mountain, I fell for this idea of doing 3 minute pickups X 6.  For the record, I lasted 2 before my achilles staged a revolt and I just settled into nice 8-8:30 minute miles for the last 5 miles not wanting to push it, and trying not to throw up.  Missy did her pick ups and jogged back to me to catch up as we finished up the run.

That’s why she can run a sub-3 hour marathon and I can’t.  And I think I’m okay with that.

But I did finish feeling like the little engine who couldn’t.  Apparently I’m not ready to run with the big girls for more than 6-8 miles yet.

Naturally you’re probably wondering why I’m wearing that weird shirt with a chimpanzee on it.  By the end of my run I couldn’t handle my runny nose any longer so I took my shirt off and used it as a hanky. NBD.

Oh wait, except I couldn’t run into the grocery store for bagels without one.  Luckily my son had left his shirt in the back seat so I got my snack on.  Saved by the 7-year old boy.

Do you have a fun running buddy?
Have you ever been the slow kid on the block?
What’s your favorite post-run food? 
I literally daydream about bagels on long runs.

8 thoughts on “The Little Engine that Tanked

    • Oh FroYo is up there on my daydreaming list as well 🙂 And yes, I can because A- he wears his shirts big and B- I have the narrowest shoulders ever. Boys shirts are nice and baggy. In other news, it might have been quesitonably long enough to cover my belly, but I have my bagels so all ended well!

  1. Sorry about the run, but hey, you are hanging with the big girls, even if not for the whole thing–yet! I run with a group and we have a pretty good span of speed in there, some of it warp speed. There are definitely times when I feel like the slow kid on the block. But that fuels me to work harder!

  2. I think they say that hard runs make the good runs great, or some such craziness. All I know is that the crappy runs make me question why I love running so much. I always dream about cookies and cupcakes when I run.

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