Running Mom Indeed

11.5 Miles
Pleasantly Surprising Strides

If there was ever a day when I felt like a running mom, today would be it.

After squeezing in an unexpected mid-to-long run last night (woo hoo!) I woke up early to get some work done so I could sneak over to the boys’ school for their jog-a-thon.

Is there anything cuter than watching little kids run in circles at a ridiculously fast pace while parents yell at them?

In my house, we call that 4 o’clock.

That said the boys rocked it and made me glad I didn’t pay per lap each pushing well over 30 laps.  YEESH!

Of course, Strawberry thought this was nothing compared to the 5k’s he likes to run.  That said, in case anyone doubted the fact he’s my little redheaded clone, he once again proved to the world that we share the same genes with this little pose.

He gets his grace from me….

Just a few hours later I was spotted sporting this super fabulous pose as I went into my Wipeout audition dressed as a #runnerd.  I can’t tell you what my super secret name was, but I actually went in with not one, but two 🙂

Keepin’ it classy

I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for a fun weekend filled with soccer, a long run and lots of work to get done.

What’s on tap for you this weekend?

If you had to come up with a super secret fun name for yourself what would it be?


9 thoughts on “Running Mom Indeed

  1. How’d the audition go? Love the “costume”!!
    Very cool that you got to go cheer for your mini-runners, too. Their school’s hardcore compared to ours, though. We call those events walk-a-thons and the kids are encouraged to NOT run. lol.

    • I’m not allowed to talk about the audition any more than saying my name and showing a quick pic unfortunately 😦 And yes the school is pretty hard core. I LOVE it! If I hadn’t been showered and heading to my audition later in the day I would have run with them for sure!

    • It’s a Oiselle t-shirt…I’m sure there are some floating around the interwebz still! And I LOVE Temecula. Go to Wiens vineyard and get the orange champagne (I don’t normally like champagn but LOVE this one) – I promise you won’t regret it!

    • Ohhhh that is a cute nick name. My parents used to call me BOB – Bag of Bones. It was super duper pleasant. My kids got wind of it and have not relented with it’s resurfacing!

      • My sister tried to name me ‘Why us?’ and my Dad nearly put it on my birth certificate. Nice. That said my middle sons middle name is Dumbledore. He can hate his sisters for that one.

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