True Confession Thursday: The Guilt Factor

4 Miles
Chocolate Obsessed Strides

When I was something-teen years old I remember someone really explaining the concept of guilt to me.

My response, “Why are we talking about this?  That’s just normal functioning people.  Isn’t this ‘guilt’ you speak of a normal state of being?” 

On the 1-10 guilt scale, I pretty much hover around a 24.8 on a regular basis.

So naturally I spent a good chunk of Sunday afternoon feeling pretty darn guilty that I get to have runs like this (see pic below), with my toes running through the sand when the rest of the country was prepping to face Super Storm Sandy.  I tried to not feel too guilty though since that run was so good for my heart, soul and legs and instead ended with an attitude of gratitude about it all.

But the Guilt Monster struck again yesterday afternoon.  As per usual, the thought of all of that Halloween candy in my house led me to one of two logical conclusions:  exercise self-control or construct a guilt counter-strike operation.

The choice was obvious.

So I registered for the Surf City Marathon in February before the cost increase tomorrow and then went for a quick run to distract myself from my candy fixation.

I tuned my iPhone to ESPN radio for my run naively thinking they would, oh I don’t know, actually be talking about sports.   Instead I found my favorite sportscasters not discussing sports, but Ditkaween and their favorite types of candy in graphic detail for 31 minutes and 28 seconds, but who was counting?

Game, set, match, chocolate – you win!

As for me I spent the rest of the night trick or treating and sneaking chocolate from my kids Halloween bags.  When asked, I simply informed them I was “checking it to make sure it wasn’t poisoned.” (Why yes, I have become my mother so wipe that smirk from your face or I’ll wipe it off for you).  And I’ll spend the rest of the week mentally cursing long runs while I pound mini candy bars like they’re going out of style.

What’s your favorite candy?
Where does your guilt scale typically register?


9 thoughts on “True Confession Thursday: The Guilt Factor

  1. My guilt is OOC (OUT OF CONTROL) – like seriously! I had a kitkat and a twizzler last night. My 2 year old didnt take an inventory of her candy so she doesn’t know it’s missing… HA!

  2. Yes, your guilt factor is a bit high–no need to feel guilt for a good run in any circumstance. And as for the candy–I beg my kids to give me their Butterfingers!

    • Herein lies the problem – you see a bar and think, “Oh I just need two pieces”. I see the bar and think, “I just need to pieces now” and five minutes later I have the same thought…then five minutes after that until 30 minutes later the entire bar is gone. Self-control around chocolate is not my strong suit 🙂

    • i have try mostly of them with the exeotpicn of third last and 2nd last. My comment is 1) Some use PS photo… of course compare to mainland chinese one not to OTT2) You better get on their first day of arrival .. otherwise ..NOT HARD and turn soft… 3) Some of course are TOO HIGH4) SOME have body small…5) SOME don’t really flurent in english6) SOME do count by the minutes… 1 hours is one hour ..event u not yet ……BYE7) $$$$ is better than everything … NO REFUND IF NOT HARD>.. u better give them dozen of V8)BOOK schedule is too close…NOT ENOUGHT TIME TO SHOWER.. they need time management ..BTM RULEs 10101)do waste your ass, cos every min count…2) MaKE SURE U insist them take V ..V VVV3)if u HI n they Hi.. don’t expect LONG session4) BIG COCK dont mean fuck goodWell. Mainland .. are try to close the gap (I mean $$$$). U can bargain.. if they need $$ sure u wil get some suprises…At least they are in good and reasonable hotel (with place) most… and not CHUNGHING or JORDAN….PS. make sure your ass is cable .. dont underestimateIMPORTANT: no buy one get one free

  3. YEAH FOR SIGNING UP FOR RACES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! why do i get so happy about stuff like that?!
    i did feel guilty the other day for eating the whole bag of spice drops… it was the family sized bag. also felt slightly.

    • I was pretty happy about it too. Honestly it’s the first time I signed up for a marathon and didn’t feel panicked about it, so that’s good. And Spice Drops are like crack – once you open the bag you can’t go back.

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