Hidden Talents

5 Miles
Pansy Quitting, Kick My Butt Strides

Today I got to thinking about hidden talents.  My children showed their hidden talent in consuming food by polishing off 1 3/4 POUNDS (yes pounds) of celery with their dinner.

I can’t complain.  The week most children are pounding candy like the sorority girls pound jello shots, mine are consuming copious amounts of vegetables.

I’m pretty sure their days tomorrow will go super smooth if you know what I mean.

As far as me…today I perfected my hidden talent of being a total pansy with super quick, medium-ish length speed work runs.  It all started out so well with a fabulous 3.5 miles of 6:45-7:15 minute miles and then I just….


The half mile from 3 to 3.5 miles felt like 3.5 hours instead of 3.5 minutes and then I just stopped trying.There was no mental toughness, no willingness to fight.  I up and quit and ran the last 1.5 miles at a comfy 7:40 pace.  So frustrating.

I can handle moderate long tempo/progression runs, but something about actual SPEED work (bursts in short distances) makes my head do a Poltergeist spin.  I know it’s something I need to do if I really want to get faster, but even the promise of speedier times and reaching some crazy goals can’t seem to get me over the mental hump.

I also mastered another hidden talent this week which is finding massive bruises that I can’t remember getting.

Apparently you can beat me with a baseball bat and I won’t remember.

What are your secret talents?

How do you break through your mental barrier in “hard for you” workouts?


11 thoughts on “Hidden Talents

  1. That mental barrier usually gets me. I try to save my “secret weapon” songs like Eye of the Tiger and Don’t Stop Believing for moments like that!

  2. Ouch–that’s one secret talent I don’t want! But your kids are impressive.

    Don’t get frustrated. Could just mean you need a little time adjustment to make it more manageable. Play with it and see what might work for you better. Good luck!

  3. Holy bruise!! I get through mental barriers but associating the pain. Tell yourself you enjoy it instead of trying to block it out. That type of brain training will pay off during races.

  4. My main mental strain this week involved getting reacquainted with the pain of the treadmill, since rainy season is here to stay and I hate running in rain. 3 miles feels like 6 suddenly, even though I try to distract myself with music and podcasts! At least there’s some sun in the weekend forecast.

    • Sadness! You need to just come on over and I’ll teach you to love the rain runs! I probably like them because we don’t have very many here in SoCal 😦 I hope you get some dry weather soon.

  5. Ha, I have the same talent! Always full of bruises, and I don’t remember where I get them. But yours is HUGE!
    That picture of the kids with celery is amazing!

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