I Need Your Help!

Party people, I need your help….

A little back story:

The boys and I have a few shows that we watch pretty regularly.  Included in this rotation is the show Wipeout.

I mean, nothing is more fun than watching people humiliate themselves while flirting with physical violence and flagrant embarrassment, right?

Thanks kiddo! Due to your persistence, Mommy could potentially be publicly humiliated and spanked by large foam objects on national television.

Over a year ago I relented to Strawberry’s incessant pestering about applying for the show, and filled out an application to keep him quiet.  I totally forgot about it until I got a call last Friday.

You know, asking me to come audition for the show next Friday.

Which is where I need your help.  I need a gimmick.  Regular readers know a bit about me…but due to some of the casting issues, things I need to focus on the fact that I’m kind of a nerd.  I’m a research junkie, love to read, the fact that my family considers me the human encyclopedia of useful and useless knowledge, am a part-time Professor, and of course the obvious – a mom and a runner.

This is where I need your help….

Can you help me think of a gimmick, a name, ideas of what to wear (they said a lot of people wear costumes)?

Comment with your ideas, thoughts or insights.  I’m a desperate mama here!


8 thoughts on “I Need Your Help!

  1. Your sock sorting punishment didn’t get you an automatic spot? I’m shocked!

    What about: The SMRT Runner? (can you tell my age by my Simpson’s references?)

    Momtastic knowledge? Wow, this is hard…

    • Ah ha ha ha – LOVE the SMRT runner idea 🙂 The best I’ve got is Encyclopedia Speed. Lame-O! And you’re right, I’ll have to remember my creativity in discipline to try and secure a spot!

  2. Shenanigan Sheila. Hermione Danger (That’s my friend’s roller derby name, so it’s totally cheating, but it’s my favorite roller derby name ever). Shrewd Sheila. Perfect Professor Parent.

    I HATE that show! I can’t stand watching people hurt themselves. I did try to convince hubs to try out for it, just cuz I wanted the prize money, but he never went for it.

    • Oh I like those 🙂 My kids and I brainstormed some last night too and I think we might have the official winner – all of these suggestions helped me brainstorm! Stay tuned until Friday to see what happens 🙂

  3. i dont have any suggestions really (running mama/running from my kids/running from my sanity?) but i think thats so rad!

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