Circus Polka Dot Afro Training

15 Miles
Sporadic Strides

4 miles running
2 miles jog/walking
Strolling Strides

I’m a checklist kind of girl.  Every day I make all sorts of checklists to track what I need to do.  And I get a thrill checking things off the ol’ list.  In fact, my obsession is so ridiculous sometimes I’ll write something down that I’ve already done just so I can check it off.

Type A all the way baby.

When it comes to training, I have typically loved myself a plan.   I’d carefully select my race, research training plans and then customize it in an Excel spreadsheet, print that bad boy out and check off each day until the race came.

But lately, my training plan is a little more like Vanilla’s Halloween costume – a total circus.

Kids, let me tell you a little story.

On Saturday morning I got up, fueled up, dressed up, pottied up (is that a word??) and sat down on my couch.  I didn’t want to run.  Like at all.  I feared that Sarah had infected me and I had become an unintentional member of the Long Run Haterz club.  It wasn’t pretty.

But I went.  I made it 4 super slow, cold, crabby miles and then wanted to cry when I realized I was meeting my super speedy friend Missy after I finished those miles to put in a few more.  She had an hour to run and I knew she was going to try and fit at least 8 miles into that time.

Sure enough, we hit the trails and pushed through 8 miles in our hour.  I decided to scratch the last 3 I was hoping to get in after we finished and drove 10 minutes to meet some people.  Turns out I had an extra 20 minutes when I got there so I decided to stop being a pansy and get out there and finish the run.

4 – 8:45ish minute miles
8 -7:40ish minute miles
3 – 8:30ish minute miles

Lately, this is how my training has been.  I get long(er) runs in when I can, do what my body is feeling/telling me and it seems to be working for the time being.  No checklists, no Excel files taped to the wall, just clipping away day after day.

As always, I kept it super classy by running a few errands post 15 mile run in my disgusting clothes, then ended up at soccer games, etc. and did not find my way home until 6 hours later where the world breathed a huge sigh of relief when I finally showered.

No, a bowl of Trix cereal did not throw up all over me. I ran voluntarily and publicly wore this everywhere on Saturday. #classypants

How was your weekend?

Are you a Long Run Lover or Hater?

I’m usually a big long run lover, but my behind struggled with motivation this weekend.


11 thoughts on “Circus Polka Dot Afro Training

  1. That costume is way too cute!!

    Nice work on that long run! Jeez louise, lady. You are speedy!

    So, since we’re both running Boston and all, can we pretty please do a long run together at some point? I am totally willing to make the drive to have some company from someone who can geek out about Boston with me, and I think I can keep up with you by then. Not sure what my Boston goal is yet. Once I run Santa Barbara, I’ll be able to better gauge where I’m at and what I’m capable of. I plan on putting in more than 8 weeks of training this time. 🙂

    I love your Trix-inspired outfit!

  2. I am NOT a checklist girl, but I’m finding that work is getting more and more stressful each day so I (gulp) made a checklist last week. I felt so accomplished when I checked things off. I might be becoming a checklist girl. This is terrible.

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