On Costco Chicken and Clowns

Unintentional Rest Day
Big Fat Negativo Strides

Yesterday was a totally unintentional rest day:  the kind of day when my schedule creeps up on me and eats away every minute of every hour without me knowing it was even happening (pretty much the exact opposite of Monday night).

I could call these crazy days, insane days, or outright chaotic days, but instead we call them Costco Chicken Days in my house.

Because for $5 I can grab a rotisserie chicken, steam or grill up some of the always abundant veggies in the fridge and wham, bam thank you ma’am- dinner is done in under 15 minutes in casa de Striding Mom.

In other news…the ol’ Boston ticket was booked today. It was a surprise early birthday present so I’m super stoked excited


Not clowning around…okay so maybe I am…preview to Vanilla’s Halloween Costume.  And yes, I cooked dinner in this thing the other night to get a laugh out of the kids.

I’m not clowning around, since my superstar runner gene pretty much got lost in the DNA pool when I was conceived (unlike everyone else I know going who rocks it regularly) I’m pretty sure they’re going to put me on the sag wagon at some point while I am pulling my weight for a last place finish.

I kind of feel like that nerdy kid who got an accidental invite to the cool party on a Friday night and shouldn’t be going but am going to the party anyway.

Not that I was nerdy, ever.  I mean look –> here, I am obviously a card carrying member of the Cool Kids Club.


My poor children don’t stand a chance to jr. high.

What’s your favorite quick fix dinner?
How do you handle feeling totally inadequate for a race?


12 thoughts on “On Costco Chicken and Clowns

  1. Uuuummmm, i’m semi new to this whole running thing, but doesnt one have to qualify to run Boston??? GIRL, you got this!!! Im SO excited for you woot! WOOT! You’re gonna do great!

  2. Sheila, Sheila, Sheila… You are so deserving of Boston!! You are super fast and an incredible runner! Are you comparing yourself to Shalane Flanagan? Because let’s be real — that is a depressing comparison. If I got a spot in Boston, then you definitely deserve one!

  3. I did a trail race where I felt totally inadequate. I managed to hold my own in the end but it was definitively more than a little poignant when I crossed the finish line at the same time as the winner. Too bad I’d only done one lap. Who cares. We’re not all awesome all the time.

  4. This slow lady can’t figure out how you could think you’re not good enough for Boston. You earned it! Enjoy it!

    My go-to dinner: Cereal. Otherwise, our dinner pretty much every night is steamed veggies, rice or potatoes, and meat. That’s it. I can’t handle if I need to chop anything. I hate cooking.

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