What A Girl Wants

11.5 miles
Tempo Strides

All day long I was trying to figure out how to squeeze in a quick 3-4 miler.  And I got a pleasant surprise yesterday evening yielding me a bonus 1.5 hour window of time I hadn’t slotted into my day.

I pretty much have a better chance of spotting the Lochness Monster and Big Foot having noon tea than I do unlocking an hour and a half of time in my week, no less all at one time in one day.  I could have used the time to go get a mani-pedi…but I’m not exactly sure what that is- people seem to say that it’s nice and relaxing.  Plus I think you’re supposed to have a full set of toenails for that stuff.  I could have folded my laundry.  Or I could have tackled that book I’m *almost* done reading, but instead….I did what every sane person does…

I headed out for a tempo run.

My beloved Pro Compression socks

I started out slow with an 8:30 mile and then slowly clipped off 5-20 seconds per mile until I finished the last half mile at a 6:33 downhill pace.

I’m talking head clearing, thought provoking, meditation inducing, foot pounding, decompressing miles satisfying my emotional, physical and spiritual needs in every way possible.  After 11.5 miles I had to call it quits because apparently you have to pick your kids up from sports practice.

Thing 1 & Thing 2

Thing 1 & Thing 2 attempting their first round of roller hockey at a free local clinic last night. Though I missed the game, my beloved Chicago Bears won the Monday night football game and I’ll just watch the Presidential debate tomorrow sometime which gives my Monday night a #winning.

Do you ever do tempo runs?
If you came up with an extra hour and a half in your day what would you do?


11 thoughts on “What A Girl Wants

  1. I usually do tempos every Thursday. I hate those days! lol. They are SO good for you but dang they are hard mentally & physically. You did a GREAT job and managed to pick up your kids on time…super woman 😉

    • Whoops! I hate how the internetz doesn’t show tone- I hope you realized I meant that you’re a rock star…and I totally envy you, not coming across as snarky. Because seriously, I read about your training and am majorly inspired!

  2. I need to do more tempo runs, apparently thats how you get to be super speedy. and Lord knows I need all the help I can get with my slow pace!

  3. Nothing better than finding some unplanned extra time, especially if you can use it to run!

    Love the roller hockey pic!

    And I love tempo runs–favorite type of speed work!

  4. Lady, you are so fast!! Who does 11 and a half mile tempos finishing with a 6:33/mi pace!? You are speedy!! I love when some extra time slips into my day. 🙂 This week is super busy so I am crossing my fingers that magically happens.

    If I had extra time — I’d run!

    • Oh that was deceiving..most miles were around the 7:20-7:40 mark! I just finished the last half mile as fast as I could using the downhill momentum (and the last burst of energy!) Speedster I am not!

  5. the way you so eloquently described that run…makes me realize that’s what *this* girl wants, too! So (mostly) happy (only partially jealous) you found some free time to pound out those speedy miles.
    also, re : the mani/pedi thing. Do you think they give discounts for toenail-challenged runners?

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