Sporty Spice

14 miles running
1 mile cool down
Makeshift Strides

The name of the game this weekend was Athletics R Us.  The boys had a bye week, but we had a chance to hit up the UCLA Women’s Soccer game for free.  And who can turn down free?  We watched, chatted, and discussed how communicating on the field and looking at your teammates is generally a good idea.

As per ush- we worked some speed work into our spectating.  I mean, why waste half time just sitting around?

Plus the boys got to meet the UCLA men’s soccer team which was certainly one of the highlights of their night.

I woke up the next morning and I begged my aunts generously offered to watch the boys while I got a run in.  In my excitement I took off woefully unprepared for my SoCal cold run at Balboa Park.

I didn’t really eat breakfast and was out of Gu in my car stash.  I didn’t have my iPhone holder for my arm to run with my phone.  I usually run with it for safety reasons and the  iMapMyRun app is my tried and true Garmin substitute….or at least usually is.  Plus I was scrounging to find my Nuun tabs and a water bottle in my car since almost every container I found was empty.

I found some random fruit snacks to munch on since I was STARVING before I started and my jacket made a for a rockin’ hip pack to stash my phone and crusty fruit snacks.

Given it’s “living conditions” my phone staged a revolt and refused to track my run.

I lost track of time and without my GPS I had no clue how far I had run until I got home.

Turns out it was 14 miles and I walked one to cool down.  Since my knees were all cranky and creaky during the run I grabbed some ice to make amends with them.  My aunts basically gave me the “you’re old” lecture and said it was the rain making my joints stage their insurgency.

I just blamed my lack of foam rolling…no way I’m on the slippery slope down to…*shudder* OLD.  Fun times.

Signs you’re getting old – jaunts around the lake, fanny packs and copious amounts of ice.

We spent Sunday doing homework (boys), working (me), cooking (all of us) and watching football rounding out the Sporty Spice weekend.

How was your weekend?

What’s your best makeshift running/sports story?
I actually have one far better than this that I’ll fess up to one day….

11 thoughts on “Sporty Spice

    • Okay so one of these days we need to meet halfway and do a LR together – Oceanside/San Clemente? We could make a morning of it and reminisce on Chi-town over breakfast after!

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