True Confession Thursday: Getting Down ‘n’ Dirty

I’m not exactly a clean & pristine kind of girl.  Ask anyone who knows me.  Sure I like my house picked up and organized, but I’m not going to lose sleep over the 84 paper airplanes literally sitting on the stair landing at this very moment.  And hygiene, whoops.

Case in point:  I often sneak in a few miles early in the morning and come back to my desk and work while I ice my foot.  I will often not realize I haven’t eaten nor showered until 5 or 6 hours later.

Which leads me to running (wait, this is a running blog?).  For a long time I was a total street runner – keep it clean, simple and if I’m going to race please provide me lots of course support.  kthanksbye.

I got bored.

So I eventually started hitting the trails for longer training runs and really enjoyed it.  The change of pace, the quietness…the dirt.

I did my first trail half last month to kick off the 12 Halfs in 12 Months and really enjoyed it.  It was laid back, the time flew, I loved hopping rocks, jumping creeks and looking out for competitors wild animals.  I was researching races and came across this highly reviewed, “How did I miss this?” race.  And when I received opportunity to participate in this awesome race, I couldn’t turn it down.

Net incline:  5,000ish feet
Net decline:  5,000ish feet

Race course includes caves, hills, dirt, post race food and the Hollywood sign.


Even cooler – I learned about the Race Director Kiera Henninger who’s an amazing ultrarunner and cloaked in general all around awesomeness.  Turns out she’s a single mom, ultra runner who built this race from the ground up.

And she’s giving me a chance to check out this race!

So, if you’re around the LA area and are looking for a half, you should join me on Saturday, November 17th bright and early.  Did I mention caves, dirt and running up by the Hollywood sign?

Plus as an added bonus they have a 10K the next day that you can complete to get a 3rd overall medal and call yourself a Hollywood Trail Rock Star.

I’m on the fence about the 10k the next day as I  have to see how the old ankle is holding up, but I’m definitely game to get my dirt and hills on with the half marathon.  So while I might be saying goodbye to my 7 minute ranged miles, I’m welcoming a boatload of fun…and dirt…but mostly fun.

Do you like trail or street races?
Have you ever run a trail race?
Will I die doing that much incline and decline in 13 miles?


9 thoughts on “True Confession Thursday: Getting Down ‘n’ Dirty

  1. Trail running is tough – I’m always worried about tripping or getting hurt. This race sounds fun, you’re going to rock it out!

  2. Omgosh, this is right up my alley! This is my goal, ive always wanted to do trail races! Im actually in the process of trying to make the switch…i was looking at this half, but already have one lined up for Nov., but seriously eyeing her Dec. race!! I like her back story too, very inspirational! After Sunday (my 1st half of the season), i plan on incorporating hills/trails in my training routine. Not sure if im crazy trying for a trail half so soon? Yikes! Btw, Im also going for 12 in 12!!!

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