Mother Nature’s Got PMS

Saturday -10.3 Miles
Sunday – 5.3 Miles
Cathartic Strides

Mother Nature has either got a major case of bipolar disorder, or she and I are on the same…errr…cycle if you know what I mean.  After the fall blast late this week, today we’re back in the 90’s with triple digits expected by mid-week.

Speaking of instability, I may or may not have been a mild basket case about lots of personal schtuff this weekend.  You’re welcome everyone in my life.  That was super fun, let’s do it again…um…never.

The events would probably explain the 21 miles I got in this weekend.  Hello stress release.

On Saturday morning I met up with 3 speedy ladies.  My friend Missy invited me to explore some new to me trails in the area and these ladies kicked it.  I got in 10.5 miles at a 7:40 overall pace and felt good.

Check out the speedsterettes.  Penny on the left was doing her last long run for NY Marathon.

A few hours (and multiple soccer games later) I arrived home still unshowered and my cousin surprised me by dropping by.  Lucky for me he has no shame and was willing to go hit up Panera with funky me.  I was waiting for people to drop money in my water glass on the table outside because I had the “You must not have access to a shower smell”.

Between soccer, playdates and general weekend shuffling around (church, Starbucks, etc.) we kept it nice and busy.  One of the non-running highlights- bowling with this little butthead and his best friend.

Victory Dance

Don’t worry, this is a snapshot of his victory dance.  I can assure you there will be a dancing vlog in the very near future 🙂

How was your weekend?  
Any races?  Good runs?
Do you ramp up the miles when life gets tough?


9 thoughts on “Mother Nature’s Got PMS

  1. I’m running a 5K in April and need to start training for it, but I haven’t worked up the nerve to hit the treadmills at school. I’m too embarrassed to go to the gym and have others watch me struggle to run for even just a short period of time, so I’ve been putting it off. I really need to push myself, though. It’s just hard knowing how to get started! I know that running would be a great stress reliever for me and would help me get back into shape and have a healthier lifestyle, but it’s hard to break old habits.

    • I was just talking to someone about this today! Honestly, the starting is so very hard, but everyone has to start somewhere right?! Truth be told, most people aren’t even watching others at the gym. I’d say if you can go outside- try to jog for a minute and walk for a minute alternating. Eventually you’ll be running a few minutes, then walking a few minutes and then one day you’re running. It’s a slow process, but I promise you, it will be a new habit. You can so do it! Good luck and keep me posted 🙂 I want to hear about your progress!

  2. I always find myself running a lot more consistently and farther when I am out of town visiting family, um yeah, in-laws. Needing alone time! But as an added bonus, it usually keeps me from gaining holiday pounds (though I don’t lose any, either!)

    • Oooohhhh! Good point! I’m going home for Christmas and worried about how I’ll run in the freezing weather in Chi-town!

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