True Confession Thursday: Go To Your Happy Place

40 Minutes on the Elliptical
Swishy Swishy Strides

After Tuesday’s ankle fiasco, I opted to take it easy and hit the elliptical on Wednesday.

Have I ever mentioned what bad luck I have choosing machines at the gym?  I step onto one and it’s making a ca-thunk, ca-thunk sound.  Annoyed, I choose another machine.

Squeeeeaakk, Squeeeeakk with every step.

By this point I’m chuckling because everyone probably thinks I’m crazy (half true) and I find a 3rd machine.  Like Goldilocks, the third one was just right.

I hate the elliptical.  So I kept trying to channel my inner Happy Gilmore and go to my happy place.

Which got me thinking…what is my happy place?  I mean, I can often think of my little buttheads…

How can these faces not make anyone happy?

Honestly, the happiest place I found today came from this little note Vanilla colored and snuck up on the bulletin board in my room this morning.  He never told me about it, I just happened to find it when I printed something off for work and I know for certain it wasn’t there last night.  (Why yes I don’t know what day of the week it is, but I do know what is on my bulletin board.  This is normal, yes?)

Yes he can write his name, and no I cannot gracefully edit it out with my less than stellar paintbrush skills.

No matter how your slice or dice it, someone must have spiked my pre-race banana with happy pills on Sunday.  After last year’s bad picture debacle at Long Beach, there was nothing but smiles for miles on Sunday.

Who is that chick? I don’t seem to recognize her….
Photos from Brightroom.

In typical runnerd fashion, I actually noticed my near heel strike in the first photo before I realized I was actually smiling as I crossed the finish line.  And yes, photo #3 was at mile 8ish or so, and I was smiling then too.  But that’s probably because I was doing my best flamingo impression mid-race. I knew I should have worn my green shirt instead of pink.

What’s your happy place?


18 thoughts on “True Confession Thursday: Go To Your Happy Place

  1. Those are some great photos! I always look like i’m dying or pissed off in mine lol. My happy place is the beach – pina colada in hand!

    • Nice way to turn your day around. I have been flieeng that way a little myself. Wanting to crawl into bed and pull the covers over my head. I am even having trouble getting myself to the gym! Telling myself I need a break. I did go for a walk yesterday which was helpful. Reading your post has given me some motivation I need to get my ass moving a little more. Thanks.

    • Kid love notes are amazing…hands down. And yes, I’ve never smiled in a race photo once, no less every, single one. Shocking!

  2. awww! Your pics are so good!
    When I see mine, my eye is immediately drawn to the bottom of my shirt, to see if if my skin is flapping, and/or my upper thighs to see if the photographer managed to capture the ever-so-sexy Leg Ripple.
    I have a couple happy places I revert to. The most frequent is probably my most boring : on my couch, drink in hand, kids in bed. 🙂

  3. So cute! All of your boys seems so creative. I love when you post the things they make you! When I take my pups out with me and he starts to get tired… he does this wiggle run which is the cutest thing ever. That’s about as happy as I can get when I’m running.

  4. Haha I have the same problems with the elliptical and I hate it too. I haven’t been on one in forever it drives me nuts. My happy place is good music:)

  5. ha! I thought the black scribbley on that lovely note was black marker. Some type of abstract blob that Vanilla had added. You and your buttheads — have good weekend, mkay?

  6. Those are great race pictures! Also, I had to laugh when you talked about how the first two elliptical machines you got on made weird noises. I ALWAYS end up picking a noisy one whenever I use them, and then feel awkward getting off of it and trying to find a better one.

    Your kids are adorable! I’m glad I found your blog today!

    • Is it bad that when I was at the gym this morning again and hear the clunking as I walked by I secretly snarked, “Sucker” in my head? Glad you found the blog too!

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