Cheap Thrills

1.5 mile running
1 mile walking
My Ankle Hates Me Strides

This week’s been all about the cheap thrill.

It started on Monday night when my kids wanted to do something fun and I convinced them that yoga in the living room was just that.

My limber lads

Joke was on me because after generous helpings of broccoli an hour before, let’s just say you didn’t want to be BEHIND them doing yoga for 40 minutes.

On Tuesday Strawberry came home and informed me that his teacher wasn’t humored by his response to finishing his math test early.  Apparently he drew this and then sat in the back of the classroom holding it up like so while his classmates finished their work.

We dress in black tie for math tests.

I guess no one else in the class got the memo that the math test was a black tie affair.  Honestly, I understood the teacher’s annoyance, but I (not being the teacher) thought it was totally hilarious and super creative.

Strawberry then put those hands to good use, by rolling out my legs for me.  He said he charged a penny a minute.  After 25 minutes I felt bad paying up with a sad little quarter (he then gave me a back massage), so I gave him $2…but don’t worry child labor watchdogs, I tipped heavily at 33%.

Best $3 25 minute massage & roll out ever.

Since it finally stopped being 80 bajillion degrees (my kids words, not mine) here this weekend, we’re getting our first taste of fall.  I was finally able to look at my oven today without shuddering or having a panic attack thinking of what the A/C cost would be to turn it on for a bit and got our first real fall meal in.

The kids were totally digging dinner, while I was totally digging the fact that I actually had to shut my windows this afternoon because the breeze was a little chilly.  I’m enjoying this moment of fall for a while, because summer never leaves us alone very long in SoCal.  For the love of the land, last week it was so hot that last Monday night the kids begged me for cereal for dinner so they didn’t have to eat anything hot.

The one cheap thrill I didn’t enjoy was my run this evening which lasted about 1.5 miles since my ankle was still a little angry with me.  It’s strange – it didn’t hurt during the race one bit, or even after, but was pretty crabby for 1.5 miles so I just decided to walk a mile and call it a day.

What are your favorite cheap thrills?
Any good fall recipes now that we’re back in “oven” weather?


9 thoughts on “Cheap Thrills

  1. Seriously, I think the drawing is hilarious! And really, there are lots worse things he could be doing with his empty time…

    Boo on the ankle!

    • Eh…I’m at least happy to see progress on the ankle – it was recently a lot worse. So we’ll call a great race on Sunday pain free with minor pain after a big win…

  2. Using your kid as a massage therapist is genius. I am so putting that on our “Job Chart” We pay a quarter per job (it adds up fast!) but working on my beat up legs might be worth $2 too 😉

    • They were so delicious! Carrots, celery, apples, onions, garlic, brown rice & a little chicken stock shoved in the squash. Totally delish!

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