Pretty Not Required

4.25 Miles
Speedy, Hilly Strides

On Sunday I’m running my favorite local half marathon course:  Long Beach.

The course runs along the beach and through Long Beach harbor and is just stunning.  Plus when your day starts out looking like this and you get cush parking, you know it’s just going to be a great race day.

Walking to the start line on race day last year.

Last year I finally broke the 1:50 barrier I had been stuck at for what felt like forever and pulled a 1:45 out of my behind.

Honestly, it was a life goal to run a 1:45…ever.

Naturally I thought I looked like a total badass killing my PR, but it turns out…notsomuch.

Did I just pee myself?  Whew!  Good thing I’m wearing black pants.  Hopefully no one will see.

Notice the 9-year old casually checking his watch behind me as he crosses the finish line without breaking a sweat while I, by the looks of it, appear to be 9 cm dilated and ready to start pushing.

Plus, I think the Long Beach Marathon has the best hardware.  It’s my second favorite medal of all time.

This year, I’m going in with absolutely ZERO expectations.  My foot’s been a little angry with me since the Disney incident and I haven’t done any legit speedwork in about 6 months which means that I’m pretty much expecting to cruise in at my old pace.

I will literally run what feels right which is so very hard for me since I like to pass people.  A LOT.  But with Boston 6 months out, I’m just happy to be running and it’s not worth pushing it unless my body says yes.

Anyone else running Long Beach?
What’s your favorite race course you’ve ever run?


16 thoughts on “Pretty Not Required

  1. you shattered that sub 1:50 goal! Go you!!
    …and that was a year ago? I see an amazing 1/2 in your immediate future. 🙂
    My favorite 5k is a local one that happens to be 0.75 miles from my front door. Convenient and familiar.
    The happiest 1/2 marathon I was happiest on was the Disney half, in January. I’m not a huge Disney freak but they made it feel “magical”…or something.

    • That was last year….and yes it was a huge jump in PR’s…this year I’m not really counting on much – even today my foot was tweaky just walking around and yet last week I got out a great 11.5 miles. Who knows what foot will show up on Sunday 🙂

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