Laying the Smack Down

11.5 Miles 
Smack Layin’ Strides

In my house, we like to talk a lot of smack to one another.

Evidence #1:  A text conversation between Vanilla and I.

Let me just say I think the Wilcox was an autocorrect, the rest – I’m certain was fully intentional.  So thus far this weekend I’ve been sure to lay sufficient smack everywhere I went.

Evidence #2:  Friday Night

If this doesn’t show Friday night who’s boss, I don’t know what would.  Clearly, the older I get, the more my standards for Friday nights shift.

Evidence #3:  SR Brunch

After an unexpectedly fabulous and fun 11.5 mile run I hopped over to Skinny Runner’s casa for a blogging runner brunch.  Given her self-proclaimed penchant for hostessing I fully anticipated to find a platter of Gu gels with a side of Nuun mimosas.  But the girl pulled out quite the spread.  Unfortunately my photo didn’t turn out so I had to snag this one from Monica…who I didn’t even get to see because I left for soccer games while she was killing her long run.

I also heard Sarah showed up later, but this time she kept her underwear where they belonged underneath her clothes.

Evidence 4:  I Gone Country

Somewhere under that hot mess of lights is some dude named Luke Bryan.  I’m sure some of you know of  him. I  went to a show with this fella and another dude Jason Aldean.  Apparently these were pretty hot tickets and given the fact I was the only one in the audience who didn’t know any of the words – I’ll take that as a ye-haw.

I did, however, find a way to entertain myself by playing a game I invented called “Real Country”.  You look at a person and determine if they’re real country.

Bonafied mullet – #realcountry
Complaining about blisters from your new boots – #notrealcountry
Peeing through (yes you read that right) the fence dude – #realdrunkcountry
Wifebeater, cowboy buckle &  flat baseball cap with full tat sleeve – #Jerseyshorecountry

You get the idea.  I’m basically a ton of fun to be with.

Any exciting plans this weekend?
Are you country?
Did you get a good run in?


6 thoughts on “Laying the Smack Down

    • Honestly he was kind of a snooze fest. Luke Bryan was fabulous as far as entertaining go. We decided that watching Aldean on CMT would have been just as good, but Luke Bryan was worth every penny.

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