True Confession Thursday: I’m a Monster

3 miles
Short but Speedy Strides (7:37, 7:15, & 7:01)

I had to squeeze in an evening run with the babes at the park.

Let’s have a little talk about my youngest son.  He’s an artist through and through.  He documents his little world in various journals that he draws and writes in and then litters all over my house.

So I was a little disturbed when I found this picture in one of his journals the other day.

I mean, what kind of woman does he think I am?  Though I’d like to thank him for *ahem* being very generous in a not so well endowed area.  And a little too generous in my mid-drift section!  But come on, my stomach only looks like that when I’m doing planks (thank you baby skin)!

Turns out I shouldn’t have been so flattered because when I asked him about it, he informed my narcissistic self that it is actually the Incredible Hulk, not moi.  (He was drawing this based on the picture from his underwear) This is good because last time I checked I had 10 toes, not 9.

I still think he’s covering his tracks since the other night I may or may not have been sporting a similar look when NO ONE WOULD LISTEN TO ME AND CLEAN THEIR ROOM.

But all is forgiven since I earlier this week I was recuperating from having my ankle/calf Graston-ed (literally super sore that evening) and I just wanted 30 minutes to watch football and relax and well….

Apparently this is code word for snuggle and climb all over mom:

Go replacement refs!

I figured the emotional and physical exertion from watching the reffing game counted as the run I wasn’t getting on Monday due to my ankle still yelling at me about the dreadmill on Sunday.

If you were a monster what type would you be?
Can you ever lay on your couch alone? 
Tell me about your best run this week since mine have been craptastic.


15 thoughts on “True Confession Thursday: I’m a Monster

  1. Great picture, both the Hulk and the one of you and your son! I live for moments alone on the couch–thank goodness my kids are both in school. I often set aside Fri. afternoon for a little me time like that!

  2. Alone? Like without a not so small person attempting to wrestle a sibling on your lap? I can’t remember the last time I had the opportunity.

    Yay to park miles! We’re headed out to do some Mom tells at you while you ride your bike miles just now.

    • Holy crap! That was supposed to be an exaggeration but no joke I had to stop the kids four times in the first mile an a half to get them to stop picking fights, drifting away on their bikes and trying to take out my ankles.

      • Yeah they aren’t exactly the most relaxing miles. I spend my time on the bike path yelling, “RIGHT! TO THE RIGHT! No the OTHER RIGHT!” when we go. 🙂

  3. ugh. I hope your ankle’s settled down some…
    I love his drawing! That’s very detailed for a guy that age. My Littlest showed us his Kindergarten assignment, last week. He drew a picture of his family, and omitted his brothers. We’re trying to not dwell TOO much on that thought…
    I can’t remember the last time I laid on the couch. My bed isn’t even sacred, though. That’s there favorite place to take over, in the middle of the night.

    • I’m giving the Graston/ART combo a thumbs up so far. I’m still dealing with residual ache but it’s about 10 times better. I’m still cursing my clumsiness. Who sprains their ankle running UP the stairs? Me – that’s who 🙂

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