New Beginnings

Back working in Colorado for a summer in college

4.8 miles
Finally Breezy Strides

Fall seems to have finally arrived in SoCal – which basically means we stayed in the 80’s.  I hear that it will last for 24 hours before we go back to the 90’s again.  I better enjoy every not so hot second!

A few weeks ago I got a (very) belated birthday gift from my best friend from college.  She’s a graphic designer who wanted to make me a logo for my birthday.  Don’t worry, her birthday was in August, which means I should probably have her birthday sent by February – that’s just how we roll.

You know those friends you might not talk to for months and can pick right back up without seeming to have missed a beat – that’s my friend Jessica.  I mean, for two girls who figured out how to clean a hotel bathroom in 5 minutes, the bond clearly lasts a lifetime.

There some jobs in life that are crappier than others.

She sent me the following fabulous logo.

Isn’t it super adorable?  But as we dialogued about it, it got me thinking…where has time gone?

When did he get so big?

As you know, I took a little daycation on Saturday with the boys.  One of the their favorite parts of this trip was attacking the Carlsbad waves.  I watched Strawberry  (who has spent his entire short-lived life by the ocean) slowly ease in from jumping at the edge to diving under waves 3 feet over his head.

I practically had a coronary watching this happen.  But he knew what he was doing.  He ran out of the water when the larger wave sets rolled in, he dove under the big ones, and body surfed the appropriate ones in.

I had to trust that my babe knew what was going on.  It was a “cut the cord” moment.

I hate those.

As I spent my Sunday afternoon working on a school project with Vanilla, I realized that my babies are growing up way too fast.  They’re in the fantastic ‘in between’ place.

Their walls are plastered with snowboarding, Shaun White posters, but their beds laden with stuffed animals – so much so that I can hardly find them in middle of the night.

The little logo with the baby on the end made me realize my babies aren’t babies anymore.  Sure, they’re still little and I could eat them up like a tub of frosting at this age, but little boys have emerged from those adorable preschool bodies.

And no, thinking about that did not make my ovaries quiver for even a second.  No babies.  That’s what I have my sister for.

And if I ever want to question if the boys are growing up, I just have to hang out around their soccer uniforms for about 3 seconds.

PS – If you’re looking for a graphic designer PM me and I’ll send you her contact information.

PPS – She would be mortified if she knew I did this because she made this for me as a gift, but I think she does fabulous, fabulous work.

PPS – I’m waiting for the hate/embarrassment texting from my sister to commence….NOW!

What transition are you in?
How do you get the funk out of soccer cleats?
Do you have friend you can just pick up and go with?


12 thoughts on “New Beginnings

  1. LOVE your new logo! She’s really talented!

    And I am laughing b/c do you know what I did one summer break in college? Yep, chambermaid w/ my best friend. Oh we had it down to a science, trust me! We had to get to the beach every afternoon so ya know how fast we cleaned those rooms! (and don’t you hate being a hotel guest now knowing this stuff?)

  2. I love the logo!
    My sister had a baby, a few months ago, and I realized that was exactly what I needed. My child-making days are over. Forever. I LOVE playing with other people’s babies and handing them back when they cry or poop, though. It’s the best!!
    Good luck with your sis. I’m sure this post was all the motivation she needed…lol.

  3. Dear Empty Armed Sis,

    I think you can understand when I say that I am a tad bit behind on my blogging did I mention I just peed a little. Thank you for the giggles after the longest week of my life. How can I leave the two greatest sisters empty armed. I am just sayin it would be an injustice to all the great Aunts in the world. This may have been the longest week ever but I have never felt more loved. Ps Ryan says stage one in check. Xoxo

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