Daycation Round II

Things have been wild in my world lately.  And I was incredibly blessed with the opportunity to get a free hotel room in Carlsbad this Saturday to get away on another little daycation with the boys.

Daycation:   Disrupting your regularly scheduled programming to reconnect and recollect (your thoughts, lives and schedule) for a day.

If you haven’t noticed yet, I’m a big fan.  I can’t always swing a big, fancy vacation, but when things get out of whack, there is hardly anything I want more than a chance to whisk my babes away and tuck in for 24 hours of connection and fun.

The day started out as planned.  We finished a morning of soccer and hit Carlsbad to go to the beach.

I literally spent 3.5 hours watching them play in the waves playing pseudo-lifeguard and trying to trust them as they ventured further and further into the water.  The boys say their favorite part was when my beach chair collapsed and I fell flat on my duff into the sand leaving me covered head to toe in sand.

Plan #1:  Success. 

I had a foolproof genius plan to get dinner with a Groupon so it would be cheap and easy. Color me foolish, it failed.  Between that and a missing household item we were driving around trying to find A: A Target, Walmart, or anything that might carry a certain child’s item I needed and B:  Dinner.

Yep, another Costco

Turns out the closest thing was Costco.  We grabbed a few non-perishable items we needed and bounced out only for me to hear, “I can’t wait for dinner I’m soooooo hungry“.  This is so obviously different from any other day of the week.

Lest you think we are boring, this Costco had a reverse layout of the one at home, so I don’t want to hear that we don’t know how to live it up!

Due to the loudly protested immediate hunger need, we grabbed a few slices of pizza and salads before heading back to the hotel.  That dinner set me back a whopping $13.

Oh and I happened to grab this:

Our nice dinner out ended up being salad & pizza on the floor of the hotel room (don’t even remind me of the germs I was feigning denial during this meal) and I had the wine, but no bottle opener.

Plan #2:  Fail.

Then we all fell asleep and slept for 12 hours.  Uh, I can’t remember the last time I slept for 10 hours, no less 12.  I was literally asleep by 8:15 and we didn’t get up until the same time the next morning.  I think we all needed to catch up on some rest.  Daycation success.

The next morning I shrugged off the guilt from not running for about 4 days and got super creative.

Yep, my children watched “Minute to Win It” on the floor of the hotel gym while I cranked out about 4 miles.  I negotiated pool time and waffles for this deal.

My plan had been to do 10-12 miles on Friday or Saturday, but that clearly didn’t happen. 4 super slow miles on the dreadmill was going to have to do.

Plan #3: Fail.

We got thrown another loop with a school project due on Monday so we headed home early to cover ourselves in glitter and paint.  I didn’t want to watch football anyway.

Plan #4:  Fail.

Have you ever daycationed?
What’s the most creative thing you’ve done to sneak a run in?
Are you a germaphone?  If so, I’m sorry because you’re probably Lysoling the screen right now.


7 thoughts on “Daycation Round II

  1. me & germs are buddies. If there’s a word for “opposite of germaphobe”, that would be me.
    Despite the setbacks, your little trip sounds pretty darned perfect to me. I can’t imagine sleeping that long, in a hotel room, with my boys.
    Did they knock back some of that wine before bed?! 😉

  2. Haha! Sounds like a fun trip! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve bought wine and had NO bottle opener. Such a sad, sad day when that happens.

    I feel you on skipping the long run this weekend. 😦 I’m not happy about it. 6 miles on my treadmill had to do, as well. It looks like the little ones had a BLAST in the water!! They’re so stinkin’ cute!

    • No kidding. I hardly EVER sleep like that. I had been really sleep deprived the week before leading up to that and a long, long day in the sun wore us out. That said, at 4:30 I did get slapped in the face by a precious child which is why they hardly ever get to sleep with me!

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