An Affair to Remember

4 Miles
7:47 average pace
Finally Breakthrough Strides

I set out today to try and get in 3 easy miles to counter yesterday’s accidental tempo run and since I was uber short on this thing called time.  But I was a little frustrated and angry, so I accidentally ran way faster and got a bonus mile in the same amount of time.  #rangerruns Not for the faint of heart.

More important than finally getting back to my old pace, I got myself some new shoes.

This. is. a. huge. deal.

You see, when I like something, I love it hard.  Case in point – if I find something I like, I have to buy it in multiple colors.

From left to right:  $45 Gap sweater on sale for $12.99 that fits perfectly – should get it in 2 colors – I have a gift card after all.  $12.99 Costco running tanks long enough to cover my tush- who cares if I don’t usually wear neon pink – I’ll take 3 since that’s all they’ve got.  Old Navy t’s that are the perfect fit – you only see 3, but there are 2 more white ones in the dryer.

So I have been kinda ridiculously hooked on the New Balance Minimus line since the inception.

This is sadly not the full collection from the last 18 months, but merely a representation.  Also why do the shadows make my carpet look like it’s never been cleaned – ever.  Eww….

Above is only about 2/3rd’s of the NB Minimuses (huh?) I’ve plowed through in the almost 2 years since the line debuted.

But this weekend…I cheated on my NB’s and…while I don’t have a ton of miles on these bad boys yet….

I’m in love.

Yes someone [aka not me] spilled mulch on my floor right before I snapped this and I decided feet in the air was easier than vacuuming at that exact moment.

Let me first say, I bought these on my own with no nudging from Brooks, this is my totally unbiased, personal review.  

My new amor – the Brooks Pure Connect.  They satisfy my minimalist needs with a mere 4mm heel to toe drop (my biggest issue with my old Mizuno Waverunners I wore for a decade before jumping into my NB’s), but have enough junk in the trunk support on the bottom to provide stability when I’m trekking through some seriously unstable terrain.  They’re also light and clearly bright enough to tan my face while I wear them.

My kids call them my Lazer Lemon Shoes and while I feel all spry and light on my feet with their lightweight, meshy top that BREATHES.  As an added bonus I am also easy to spot via GPS satellites from space.

Riiight, just what you wanted to see – another picture of my shoes.

When it comes to breathability, you can compare this to the NB trail runners on both sides of this shoe – I had to run sockless earlier this week [you don’t want to know but I’ll tell you later anyway] and there was a literal breeze in the shoe.

In all seriousness, while the color is bright, but fun, if you’re looking to sport more of a wall flower look, they have plenty of other options as well.  I, for one, am glad I made the jump.  While the interior felt bulky and I was super skeptical at first, I’m way digging these bad boys.

Anyone else have overcommitment issues with shoes?
Are you loyal to one brand/make/model?
Are your shoes bright enough to be seen from space?


13 thoughts on “An Affair to Remember

  1. We are totally in sync with our shoes! I have the Connects (two pairs in that color) and NB Minimus, one for road, one for trails. Love them both and like the variety!

  2. alas! I am also a multiple color-picker with clothes. I just makes things easier. That cute heart pic with the shoes reminds me of something a teenage girl would post. hehe (no offense). Because all that really means is, “You still so young, gurrrl.”

    • This made me laugh 🙂 That picture was too funny to make because even as a teenager I was too busy doing other fun stuff (like reading books, watching football) to ever make a pic like that. Maybe I’m finally going through adolescence in my 30’s…

  3. I’m loyal to whatever brand doesn’t eff up my body. This year, that’s been Brooks’ Pure series. Glad you found a new shoe to hoard!!
    And, yes, you can see my Pure Cadence from Space. I get comments like “whoa. That’s some bright pink”, all the time.

    • As a person who typically wears black, white and any shade of gray, these are most definitely stepping WAYYYY out of my comfort zone. But I love them enough to make the Plain Jane sacrifice!

  4. I LOVE the neon shoes. Unfortunately I can’t run in Minimus shoes. They give me major back/foot pain. Hope I can tind some in my style. Bright shoes result in eyegasms for me. Love them! Also, I too buy everything I love in more than one color. Only crazy people don’t.

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