The Long Run That Finally Was

16 miles
(13.5 during the half marathon + 2.5 pre-race run)
Off the Beaten Path Strides

I finished off “testing week” (seeing what my ankle could handle) by putting in 40+ hilly, mostly trail miles this past week and feel okay to move forward with CIM.

So on Saturday I got up and drove my butt down to Escondido to the SheRuns Half Marathon.  I thought it would be fun to vlog about it.  So I did this:

Then the caffeine kicked in and I remembered how awesome awful my vlogging skills are, so I decided to go back to pictures about the day.  I’ll give a full race review later this week, but here’s my account of the overall day.

I was clearly tired on my drive because the 76 looked a lot like 78 and I took a wrong turn  which left me traveling through a place called “Gopher Canyon” which, until I was there, would have surmised it was a fictional SoCal place.

I cruised to the race start with just enough time to get 2.5 miles in pre-race and literally hit the starting line 30 seconds before the race began.

After 13.5 miles of racing (more on that during my race review later) I finished and it was only 89 degrees outside.  As they warned, the course was challenging and was about 80% on hilly dirt trails.

Just me, my Stick, my blanket and my giant blister that is my big toe hanging out resting on the side of the road post-run.

So the 16 miles was probably more of an 18-mile level of exertion from my normal road/paved trail, mostly flat long-runs.  After, I sat on the side of the road and rolled my legs and hydrated for a while, before making a pit stop at the outlet mall sporting this fabulous outfit.

Thanks to Aspaeris Pivot shorts and my ProCompression socks, I was not only feeling the squeeze, but I think the Google maps satellite picked up my Froot Loop inpsired outfit as I trekked through the Carlsbad Outlet mall.

I then celebrated with the only thing that sounded good to eat after the #heatpocalypse long run – a giant pretzel and lemonade.

So worth it.

All in all, feeling pretty good today after the run and I’m excited to give you a race recap here soon!

Anyone else have a good long run this weekend?
Any exciting news?
Did you eat something super fabulous you normally don’t?

23 thoughts on “The Long Run That Finally Was

  1. Great job getting out there in that heat! Heat kills me. Luckily today was much better and I made it out for a fun dirty 6 miles on trails off the Ortega, so much fun!

    • Thanks. I got new shoes and have been walking in them. It was this neon color or purple…and I hate purple. So now I apparently get a tan off the reflection of my shoes every time I wear them. The good news is – my kids ADORE them and I don’t get lost in crowds easily anymore.

  2. Hey! We both ran 16 miles this weekend. Of all weekends to up our mileage, we sure picked the toughest one!

    It’s so funny because I read your last post about Soupplantation and laughed because Ang and I just ate there 2 days before your post and I was so full and in so much pain from overeating that I said I’d never eat there again. Then the next day I asked if we could go back. Funny how quickly I forget the pain of gorging on salad and bread. 🙂

    • I actually showed the raw video to a friend last night who was all, “You wouldn’t!” and then we decided it was so bad it was almost good. My vlogs are only known for being awful…and I’m surprisingly okay with that!

    • I don’t think there was enough caffeine in the world to continue that vlog. I was a hot mess all morning long until I caffeinated through both beverages and then some Gu Chomps. I think I woke up around mile 4.

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