True Confession Thursday: Trading In My Pants

5 miles
Cathartic Stress Releasing Strides

Yay, get real Thursdays.  I promised I’d be funny after a few serious ones, but I’m sorry…I’m just crabby.  So you’ll get a crabtastic post, but hey at least it’s real.

Tuesday was long, long, long….leading to a long, long, Wednesday.

Tuesday evening ended with a fab (might I add adult conversation filled) dinner with Skinny Runner, Monica, & Heather at Souplantation.  I returned home only to find that the all you can eat buffet had rendered the zipper on my pants defunct (for the love of the land I had eaten boatloads of salad..okay and a few cookies).  Seriously, the whole zipper had ripped out of my pants.

Monica, Heather, my kids and my very clearly too skinny but beloved cropped cargos.  We were all showing off our muscles.  No one can find mine.  Photo courtesy of Skinny Runner.

By the time I snuggled into bed I thought I was over the day’s frustrations, but at 12:15 am  I realized – notsomuch.  As I tossed and turned in bed the frustrations of the day were still weighing on my mind.

Then my fabulous kids (have I mentioned lately how much I love them!) played a fantastic prank on me.

Another photo via SR. 2 minutes later 2 of the 3 of them would be walking to the car shirtless. I think they read my blog.

One of them had set it so that at 12:53 am Calvin Harris tried abruptly rused me from my almost sleep when my iPhone started blaring “Feel So Close to You”.

Calvin Harris.  Source

#awesomesauce.  The only person I felt closer to at that moment was my iraging inner  self who considered grounding my kids until they can legally buy me a glass of wine.

I was pretty much feeling like this.

I woke up FAR too early on Wednesday (Dear son, 4:54 is not a great time to need a Kleenex and scream for it) and decided I was trading in my classypants for crabbypants for the day.  

World be warned.

Mentally and emotionally I was busted up so I did what every woman in their 30’s does- called their mom whined, complained, almost yelled, etc.  I think she put the phone down and went and got a latte or something while I ranted.

Somehow in my crazy day I squeezed in a quick, but mentally and emotionally necessary run.  And I felt so much better.

After, I called mumsie poo and told her it wouldn’t be necessary to call the police as I won’t be going postal in a McDonald’s and that I had sweat out most of my excessive emotion.  Only the unexaggerated ones were left.  She was uber relieved or at least pretended to be.

I also realized I need new running shoes.  I have a coupon for Road Runner burning a hole in my pocket for this weekend and I need input.  My only rule is minimalist.  I’m a heel drop elitist –  I think ballet flats are high heels.

What (minimalist) shoes do you love?
How many days can one wear their crabbypants before it’s considered rude?

10 thoughts on “True Confession Thursday: Trading In My Pants

  1. Oh man! Rough week! I can feel the stress…so glad you got your run in! I am the same with heel drop…I’m a snob about it. I love the brooks pure flows, or any of the sneaks from the pure line…they are awesome! The kinvaras are awesome too, but no support. Good luck!!

  2. New shoes will fix everything. (hugs)
    I second taking a look at Brooks’ Pure line. I’m a big fan. However, they are re-vamping the uppers (which was my only complaint) and the updated versions won’t be out ’til Jan.

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