On Cupcakes and Sports Bras

4 hilly miles
Sweaty, Caffeine Deprived Strides

A few months ago a group of friends and I were joking around about what “thing” we’re known for.  One person was known for their watches, another for their tank top collection and me…well I took the cake with my sports bra collection.  Though it turns out I don’t hold a candle to this little lady.

Trust me when I say this is entirely ironic since I hardly need a sports bra to begin with.

Awesome news – I have the physique of an 8 year old girl. Fabulous.

So you can imagine my surprise after the folks at  Road Runner Sports told me about their upcoming Girl’s Night Out which includes sports bra fittings.

Let’s just say they took my love of sports bras and matched it with another serious relationship in my life – cupcakes.

And the icing on the proverbial cupcake – cocktails.

Oh and did I mention it’s all free?

What is the Road Runner Sports Girl’s Night Out (RRS GNO)?
For once the kind-hearted folks at Road Runner are not making you run before joining in the calorie and cocktail intake (unlike any of the other events I’ve been to there).  Each store is having a GNO event that will feature sports bra fittings, shoe fittings, awesome prizes and of course – food!

How do I get in on this?
If you want to partake in the empty calories, cocktails and general running gear gawking without all the running first, check out your local Road Runner Sports between 9/18 and 9/27 (click here to find yours).  I’ll be heading out to the Laguna Hills Event on 9/26 from 6-8 pm (so if you’re in the OC you should come too!  Register here).  You wouldn’t want to miss the look on my face after my sports bra fitting when they delicately whisper I should just go to the little girl’s department to find something suitable.

See these tickets from my last Road Runner event? Not a single one was a winner – but everyone else around me was going all Charlie Sheen on me winning left and right.

Plus, as an added bonus anyone who attends the Laguna Hills event with me is likely to win since I never win anything, but those sitting around me always seem to win a ton of prizes.  (Check out this post where my son wins a bounty there including Body Glide)

Oh and if you register with the link I provided before noon on the 26th, you get an extra raffle ticket for the awesome prizes they’ll be dishing out.

If you don’t live in the OC, don’t despair – you can find a Road Runner store near you here.  Check it out- you certainly can’t pass up an opportunity for free grub, food, cocktails, and the chance to win oodles of running stuff.

Have you ever been to a running girls night out?
Have you ever been fitted for a sports bra?


10 thoughts on “On Cupcakes and Sports Bras

  1. what a great event. I checked the link and actually don’t see any in my area, but my boobies shall remain patient in case one comes my way at some point. (and totally missed the Charlie Sheen reference. I just lost 15 cool points.)

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