5 Shades of Gray

5 miles
Hilly Silly Strides

Wait, were you hoping for a dirty post?   Read further…you’ll see 🙂

I don’t know how you see the world, but I spent a better part of my life living in black and white- avoiding every and all shades of gray.  Being afraid of uncertainty drove me to see everything from one radical perspective or another.   Luckily, I have a much healthier perspective on things but it leaves me with lots of questions.  So here are 5 shades of gray I’m wrestling with right now

Saturday’s RaceTo run or not to run – I’m signed up to run the SheRuns half marathon on a “very challenging” (their words) course.  I decided to test out my preparedness by running 5 miles of hills in the 89 degree weather today.  Ankle seems okay, but I was dragging at an 8:30ish pace. This could likely be my first 2 hour + half marathon since 2003 when I ran a 2:01 in Chicago.  Can someone say “personal worst”?

Pic from the trail race on Saturday. I’m all Dory from Finding Nemo – “soooo pretty”…. Source

I’m feeling about as prepared to run this as I am to sing the national anthem at a Monday Night football game, so going into a race a physical and mental mess is asking for trouble.  Normally I’d be all “small race, let’s take the age group!” about this, but here I am hoping to avoid a DNF and not take longer than 2.5 hours to run the darn thing.

Running ShirtlessTo wear or not to wear – At what age and temperature is it not appropriate to run in just your sports bra anymore?  Somehow I think I’m starting to fall into that category and need some sort of formula for this.

For the love of the land Heather said it best – we’re in a So Cal heatpocalypse right now…and I’m constantly torn between trying to cool off and having to put Body Glide under my chin to prevent chaffing from my post-baby stomach skin rubbing on my chin with each stride.

BostonTo run or not to run – I’m a mom on a budget and somehow dropping $1,000 for a weekend of racing is hard to justify.  I’m starting to feel like it’s going to be, “Hey kids, sorry you’re eating canned beans 3 meals a day for the next 4 months, but Mommy really wants to check this off her bucket list.”  Somehow doesn’t seem right.

Can you put a price on this? Honestly, I need to know… Source

White Sports BrasTo buy or not to buy – Are they even worth purchasing?  It seems like one run through the wash and mine are 3 shades of gray already.  I looked like a dirty athletic hippy trying to get dressed this morning.  I told you this post was going to be dirty 😉

Silly ChiliTo cook or not to cook – NFL season started and I was sent home from my aunt’s with some leftover tri-tip and a BUNCH of fresh tomatoes.  If that doesn’t cry – “Make chili”, I don’t know what does.  My children are still confused as to why we were eating piping hot chili when it was 92 degrees out but whatever, let’s just pretend it’s fall.

I hope this post lived up to it’s title – I did talk about being shirtless and got down and dirty after all.

Do you have any advice for me on these categories?
Is Boston worth the dinero?
Will I ever pass go and collect $200?


24 thoughts on “5 Shades of Gray

  1. 1. Run, and plan to take it slow and easy, and enjoy the scenery.
    2. In heatpocolypse, I feel like all rules are null and void. Shirtless for everyone!
    3. RUN BOSTON. But, you’re really fast, and I’m sure you’ll qualify again, so if it’s too tight this year, skip for another. It’s certainly not going anywhere. Says the girl who registers for everything runDisney announces immediately.
    4. Do not buy. Bad choice.
    5. Chili?! What?? No. Sundried tomatoes. Cucumber tomato salad. Gazpacho. Can them. Make sauce and freeze it.

    I’m kind of bossy, I blame the heat.

  2. I like white sports bras, because I like white tshirts! I just wash them with my whites, not with my other running clothes.

    I say run the half, it might be a great experience!

    No advice on Boston, though.

  3. I think I would run the race. You are signed up, your ankle is okay enough…we all have PW (I just set my half PW a few weeks ago) I have seen 60-70 year old ladies race in sports bras. I’d do it. But not white-I would never buy a white sports bra…one too many sweat droplets and it’s all bad news bears.

    I’m not sure what I would do about Boston either.

    So yes, live your life exactly like me. 😉

  4. I think you should run the race; take it easy and enjoy the run.
    If it is hot, go in just a sports bra. I have done races that were warm (but by no means hot) and seen women probably close to twice you age going shirtless. Running can be in hot weather can be hard enough, so you want to be as comfortable as possible.
    Everyone says there is nothing like Boston . However it isn’t going anywhere, if you do decide to leave it a year or two.
    White sports bras are gross. To each their own, but those things never look clean.
    I am an awful cook so so I have no advice for you on the tomatoes, except for eating them sliced with a little salt and pepper (but that would get old really quick).

    • I’m thinking game on for Saturday’s race for sure after this advice – even if I have to walk it should be okay. And I hear you on the white sports bras…I think I’m officially over them!

  5. 1. Run it! Just pretend it’s a fun run type event and go slow and steady while rockin out to some Queen tunes for runspiration.
    2. Shirtless. Hell. Braless if it makes you happy.
    3. Run Boston if: a.) You feel like it’s your last chance or something b.) If you can afford it. c.) If you can’t afford it go to chipin.com and ask for your friends/family to donate to your run as your birhtday/Christmas/Runners Day Present this year.
    4. No. Just..No. White is boring. Tye Dye Sports Bra = Righteous!
    5. Don’t be rediculous. Always yes to Chili.

  6. On the race, I think it depends on your personality–some people can handle knowing they aren’t ready for a particular race and can sit back and enjoy the slower ride (i’m not one of them). If that sounds like you, then go for it. If it will demoralize you, don’t do it!

    On Boston–everyone should do it once if they can. It’s an awesome experience. My friends and I only go every 4-5 years b/c it is such a financial ordeal. But do it once!

  7. Do the race! Besides you know the old song “Beans Beans they are good for your heart… ” (after reading this post i’m not surprised you get dirty search terms all the time)

  8. I have some very valuable opinions here:
    1. I have lived in 4 states in these United States of America, and Southern California (because that’s a state, obv) is by far, the place where it is most acceptable to be scantily clad at any point in time…including in a sports bra while running.
    2. I’m anti-white-sports-bra. I mean, it will be gray in 2 seconds. I can’t even figure out why they manufacture those things!

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