Communicating With Herring

4 Miles
Reflective Strides

You don’t have a ninja reading the Sunday paper at your house? You’re missing out!

This evening I was running errands and heard Strawberry pipe up from the back seat.

Strawberry:  [reading National Geographic kids…’cause let’s face it, only he would] Mom, did you know herring communicate by passing gas.

A little time passes…and apparently much gas because eventually I hear yelling from the other room.

Strawberry:  Hey Mom!  Check it out, I’m the great herring communicator.

This, my friends, is my life.

Which got me thinking…about thinking…

With my post-ankle sprain recovery here I’m having to go slow…suuuper slow which means I have lots of time to think while I’m running – not just obsessing about my watch and speed.

This morning I found myself rewriting the “Night Before Christmas” to the “Night Before the Race”, praying, dreaming about bagels and wondering when Pumpkin Spice was showing up at Starbucks (good news -the answer was today!).

So maybe going slow isn’t all that bad.  I had a breakfast planned, a plan of attack for a work project, some monster processing and reflection about the “big things” in my life right now…and the sun was barely peaking over the mountains by the time I was done.

Perfect view to end a slow & steady run…there’s mountains back there somewhere….

What consumes your thoughts when you’re running?
Are you a herring communicator?  [you don’t really have to answer that]


4 thoughts on “Communicating With Herring

  1. I love runs like that! Usually my next meal is the first thing I tackle…which only succeeds in making me more hungry. boo.
    I’ve found tons of time for reflection whilst pool running, lately. Man, is that some boring s*it!
    Good job taking it slow. It’s a constant struggle for me.

  2. I’ve never run with iPod music in my ears. It’s always just me an road. My quiet time. My time to let my brain melt into whatever it wants to think about and get loosey goosey. Sometimes I communicate herring style with doing ab crunches.

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