The Labored Day

Secret Strides

Wanna know my stride count?  Gotta read ’til the end. 😉

I’m not sure about you but my 3-day weekend was a big ol’ roller coaster- filled with hellos, goodbyes, and some good natured laughs and cries.  That said…it’s nice to feel human once in a while, eh?

I started things out up in LA sending off my cousin to college.  I feel like the not so little butthead can hardly be going off to college since he was pretty much born a few years ago.

#classypants  Here I am photobombing a pic with my cousin & his girlfriend.  The only other pic I have of us of late involves a failed synchronized swimming attempt.  He’s off to play baseball on the East Coast – you’ll do amazing Mikey!

Apparently Saturday morning I decided that come blue moon or high water I was going to show my ankle who was boss and headed to one of my fave running spots – Santa Monica.  I went out REEEAAAALLLL slow.

Might I add I am so not good at this.  Like. at. all.  Every time someone passed me I got crabby and silently wished them grains of sand in their shoe.  Not really – well, at least most of the time.

I just remembered that pushing it now could mean more non-running time and dealt with the slow 3.5 mile walk and then 1.5 mile splashy cool down in nature’s biggest ice bath -the Pacific.

Total mileage – 5 glorious start up miles.  Pain after – minimal.  Runner’s Happiness Quotient (RHQ)- 6/10

And Monday…glorious Monday.  After a day of rest I used my Labor Day to wrangle down a [once again] very slow 7.5 miles with a 1.5 mile walk to cool down, ice and recover with a banana and latte.

Ice on my foot and in my cup – sweaty, salty and blissfully satisfied.

Oh the humanity I felt real again.  It’s amazing how a disruption of even a few weeks can totally throw me from my game.

Total mileage – 9 slow but steady pain-free miles.  Pain after – negativo.  RHQ – 8/10

To celebrate a few friends visiting in town and I took the top off my cousin’s (another cousin, I know it’s hard to keep track) jeep and headed down to Laguna Beach to one of my favorite restaurants The Beach House.  Food – B, View & Ambience – A.

I *heart* Cali

To continue with the laboring on my day I had to finish up some work projects so I spent most of my afternoon/evening working.  I have a planned day off on Wednesday to celebrate the last day of summer with the boys so it was totally worth the adjustment!

Injury recovery blows.  It’s so hard easing back in…but I keep remembering how happy I am to actually be running again and not having my ankle swell up like a balloon every time I step on it.  Here’s to no more twisted/sprained ankles and *hopefully* recovering enough to pull out the half marathon in 2 weeks.

Did you Labor on your day?
Any exciting news from the weekend?


8 thoughts on “The Labored Day

  1. I hate coming back from injury too–it can seem like such a slow process. But yes, just turn the perspective around to embrace what you CAN do. Glad you got out there. Jealous it was in beautiful SoCal!

    • It is the worst. Even this morning I was fighting grumbling under my breath running miles that are well over 2 minutes slower than normal…however I got my miles in. And the fact that Starbucks has pumpkin pie spice back also helped 🙂

  2. So happy you are able to run again, that’s fantastic!! Injuries stink but it does teach you to listen to your body.. It did for me that’s for sure. Nice mileage btw!

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