Injury Report: What the Shizzle?

Can you figure out what is wrong with this picture?

I had a fab meeting with Dr. Scott on Friday.  You see my legs have been a little wonky – ankle & my groin injury again for about a week at that point.  I will spare you the details of our conversation since you probably don’t care much anyway, but the long and short of it – I’m a really crappy speedster.

When I pick up the pace I am sprinting longer distances instead of RUNNING.  Apparently when I’m doing speed work I’m getting on my  toes and powering with my calves instead of just using more force from my glutes and quads.

Note:  This makes certain muscle groups angry if you do this for long distances.

If you want more information on the differences between running and sprinting google it.  Being the nerd bomber that I am I actually read this entire ridiculous, and overly informative article.

I felt very encouraged as I left my appointment.  I had an ART session on my calves and things seemed balanced out.  Then I went to the happiest place on earth.

Fave Disney Ride Ever – Space Mtn. Strawberry’s mid-tantrum on the ride about who knows what, Chocolate is mad at Strawberry’s fit and Vanilla is pretend crying. Not even kidding.

As we know, my grace just overfloweths and just a few hours later I was bounding up an escalator chasing a crabby child at Disneyland and I rolled/jammed said slightly tender ankle and immediately knew this was not pretty.  Slight swelling, tried to run the next day and made it literally 3 steps.

Yes we rode this ride 3 times over the weekend. Yes Vanilla is pretending to be scared. Yes you can hardly see Chocolate. And yes, that is a live carnation in my mouth. We thought it would be funny. Not quite as funny as Flat Stanley on Space Mtn (true story) but funny to us no less.

It’s was a fab weekend of ice, elevation and compression.  No R for that RICE though as I spent Sunday hobbling around the Mouse House…again.The goal -to get this sucker under control before my half in a few weeks.

Running…I miss you. 


15 thoughts on “Injury Report: What the Shizzle?

    • You caught my error. Too bad it took me like 8 hours to figure it out. And I’m sorry my kids were so freakin’ loud the entire ride. In other news: They decided that SR is pretty darn cool..

    • See you have the foresight to actually check, I don’t think about it until I’m taking them off! And I can’t wait to meet your crew someday! They are probably far more tame than mine. 🙂

  1. ha! That’s why I get the unifoot (probably not a word) socks. I have enough trouble gettiing my shoes on the right feet…
    I hope this ankle mess sorts itself out quickly. Love the Space Mountain pics, too. 🙂

    • ps. From my comments, it would appear I am unable to read and can therefore only look at your pics to guess what the post is about. Rest assured this is not the case. I can totally read.

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