The Daycation

40 minutes on stairmaster
Sweaty Steppin’ Strides

Ever feel like the pace of life is spinning out of control faster than a bike at the gym?

Yeah, me either.

Gone for a day or week?

So by Sunday morning I knew it was time to reset life from race pace to a nice recovery tempo.  I wasn’t sure how to do it, so I threw a bunch of our favorite stuff into the car and started driving north.

We wound up in Santa Monica and beat the heat avoiding crowds and got ourselves a little 7ish mile bike/razor ride.  I, on the other hand, partied like it was 1994 and strapped on my roller blades to strengthen my whatever muscles runners don’t exercise very much.

The premise of the daycation was not a day at the beach – we do that often enough.  The idea was less about the activity and more about pulling the reigns back on our pace and slooowwwing down.

Check out the little babes behind me – see exercising with kids is possible!

Our day at the beach allowed us to focus on the small things we miss in our hasty race pace…like sand in our buttcracks, avoiding jellyfish stings and trying to undo the emotional damage Shark Week wreaked on 3 little boys.

Sand crabs- nature’s pet for a day.

We then drove up to my aunt’s house for a family dinner and playing corn hole (as they call it).  I’m sorry, but in the Midwest it’s called bags and you can play a lot better because the humidity slicks the boards up nicely.  While we had the heat on Sunday, the humidity was severely lacking.

Corn hole? Sounds naughty. Bags works for me.

My family is 2 legit in awesomeness in our birthday photo taking tradition.  Every birthday – same shot!

Like I said the other day, my injury is resurfacing because I was getting to pacey and forgot to look at the spacey around me.  This little daycation reminded me that it was time to do that in not only life, but my running as well.  Thanks injury, you’re swell.

We reset our clocks, and I’d like to say our attitudes, but as I type I hear 2 babes fighting over a pair of socks…because of all the things to fight over in the world, socks are most definitely on the top of the list.

How do you slow down?
Have you ever taken a daycation?


10 thoughts on “The Daycation

    • I’m so glad I’m not the only one with her mind in the gutter. I always feel like I have the maturity of a 13 year old boy when I hear those things…which is probably half true 🙂

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