One Fried Mother[board]

20 minutes stair machine
20 minutes elliptical
Seriously Scorned Ankle Strides

Sunday was an awesome day.  I have so much to tell you about it, but let’s just say our first ever “Daycation” was a raging success.  Which is to say that I probably deserved the Monday that was.

Sunday sneak peak – all so relaxing!

Let me preface this by saying I’m a sunscreen freak.  We were at the beach and I lotioned the boys up and then must have gotten interrupted by what could only have been an elementary boy travesty and forgot to finish the front of my stomach.  Oopsies.  One fried mother.

I got up early on Monday to get a jump start on work only to find my computer completely and entirely dead.  4 hours and a flourishing relationship with John Carlo the Dell Tech support guy later, and I found out I had one fried motherboard.

The rest of the day was a flurry of phone calls, trouble shooting, new computer buying (best boss *waves* hi Jim!), and by 4pm I’m in the clothes from yesterday, that I slept in, and I’m feeling flustered, disgusting and beyond crabby.

Naturally – I call my mom to whine.

At this moment yelled something about how it was time to make an adult version of that old Alexander kids book- My Terrible Horrible, No Good, Very Shitty, F-ed Up Monday.  It only made me even more angry that I sat there thinking about how other people have it so much worse and I’m pissy about some trivial inconveniences.

I wish I could blame some “ahem” hormones, but people, my personality is always this darling and bubbly (no really hormones were definitely to blame).

I swear this has a point about fitness – bear with me…

In other news…I’m in love. It’s a little rocky here as we’re getting to know one another, but I’m falling pretty fast and hard. Sorry John Carlo, our Dell love just doesn’t compare.

At this point picking up my children from day camp was a little dicey.  I love them and would like them to continue loving me, so I opted for a little pit stop at the gym for 40 minutes before picking them up.  Trust me, it was for their own good.  After sweating, slogging and even despite being unable to run (that’s another post for another day when I’m a little less hormonally raging), I felt 100 times better and picked my babes up with a smile on my face.

What workout “grounds” you?
What would you name your inappropriate children’s book about bad days?


4 thoughts on “One Fried Mother[board]

  1. Oh, nothing would set off the week worse than losing your computer! Ugh. Glad you had the gym to turn to. That’s always my solution. If that fails, wine!

  2. I completely feel your pain on the computer front. When my Macbook died unexpectedly two weeks ago, it was so frustrating. I felt like my life was on that thing
    I am definately a fan of taking my frustrations out on the streets of the neighborhood. Working up a good sweat always leaves me feeling much better!

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