Running Like A Girl

18 hilly bike miles

5 miles running
Double Shower So Sweaty Strides

30 minutes stair machine
30 minutes bike
1 Hour Cardio, Core, Crunch Class

Early morning’s can be rewarding…I love where I live

Have you ever met someone and at first thought they look all nice and then you hate them about 10 minutes later?  That’s pretty much what happened when the instructor of said class at gym walked in all chipper and nice making us think this was going to fun then made us drop and give her 1 minute of pushups to “warm up”.

Good news kids – my deodorant works.  I know because it was the ONLY part of my shirt that was dry.

I was all excited to tell you about the last few events but Skinny Runner beat me to it because she’s just cool like that.  Since this was halfway done I’m going to finish it anyway – too bad.  You can take a look or just skip over to her much more colorful, photo-laden recap.

To prepare for the torture that was this morning’s class, last night I hit the Laguna Hills Road Runner Sports for their Run Like a Girl Event.

It was the perfect evening to go out for a run since it was 92 when I left my house.  Who says heat and humidity don’t make for ideal evening running conditions?

As soon as I entered the store, someone grabbed me and said, “She can run 8 minute miles for you” and I was thrust into the role of the 8 minute pacer.  I may or may not have also volunteered Skinny Runner to help me.  She was super happy about it.

What I love about these events is meeting local runners but mostly watching women at every stage of their running careers, with different goals and abilities all coming together to just run.  There were pacers from 8 minutes to walking.

News Flash:  Did you know you’re supposed to stretch.  Like regularly?

Before and after the run, they walked everyone through a series of stretches.

Skinny Runner can multi-task. Stretching and…what exactly else is she doing?

Oh and they had us do an ab workout?  (Please note that means I did 2 ab workouts in about 12 hours…I’m pretty sure the world just stopped on it’s axis)

Ab workout? Why can’t I just sit and stare at the leaves?

As per usual, I didn’t win anything.

Not to be outdone by my losing streak, I snagged a bag for being the 25th person to check in and then pseudo-stalked stalked the Gu table to nab a few one of each of their samples.  Look kids, Mommy has breakfast.

Hey Ms. Gu Representative, don’t mind me while I clean you out of samples.

The Gu lady also solved a major mystery for me.  A month ago I went to a Road Runner VIP event and my son ran around like he was on speed.  Turns out they had been handing out samples of the Gu Chew Peach Iced Tea with double the caffeine.  Fab.

In other news, I’m pretty sure Vanilla will gank that bright pink bag and add it to his man purse collection pronto.

All in all – if you live near a Road Runner and are a chick who runs, wants to run or is thinking about running, check out the Run Like a Girl events.  Oh and be careful because you might be stuck being a pacer.

Have you ever been to an all women’s running event?
Would you actually run when it’s 92 at 6pm? 

7 thoughts on “Running Like A Girl

  1. Sheila! I found your blog through SR’s and had to say “hey!” It was great to meet you. You run a quick pace, lady! Hope to run into you again! Best of luck with your training!

    • No it was a taste testing contest thing at Road Runner sports – they put out samples and you guessed the flavor & brand. He thought they tasted like gummy bears though!

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