True Confession Thursday: Did I Really Say That?

3 dicey miles (calf/achilles pain)
30 minutes on stair master
Shaky, Stair Steppin’ Strides

Yes people, it’s that fab day of the week again where I embarrass myself tell it like it is.

Things I’ve said this week:

Seriously, I don’t want your dog poo shoe in my sink.

-Just one more mile.

Oh hey, here are your hair extensions [hands them over].  FYI, it’s super awkward when someone’s hair extensions fall out.  It’s even more awkward to carry them in your hand.  My response, look like a creepy trashed out streetwalker and just put them in your hair all awkward like.

Rock ’em, then return them to the rightful owner

I will pay you a dollar for every fly you kill.  

-Just one more mile.

No matter what your brother says, you are not a penis head.  I promise. 

-Tonight, let’s have dessert before dinner.

Seriously 5:30 dessert run. Dinner was had a few hours later.

-Just two more miles.

-Oh my goodness it’s soooo cool in here.  What’s it 85 degrees?  Ahhh-maaay-zing!

-Hands out of your pants.

Can someone bring me toilet paper?  Screamed from upstairs bathroom to kids downstairs.  Met with resounding, “Nooo’s”.  Whoever brings me a roll of toilet paper gets to  be my favorite kid for 1 whole minute.  I suddenly had 3 rolls of toilet paper.

Dinner?  Uh no, what do you think we actually eat meals in this house?  You want me to cook?

I’ll spare you what my children actually said.  Let’s just say last night’s dinner ended with, “Please, for the love of the land, no penis jokes tonight.”  Okay I won’t spare you.…the dinner was kicked off when I asked Strawberry to “Carry his stuff upstairs” and he grabbed his…well…you get the idea and promptly retorted “Duh Mom, I carried it around all day!“.  *eye roll*

What’s slipped out of your mouth this week that you don’t want to admit?


10 thoughts on “True Confession Thursday: Did I Really Say That?

  1. I laughed because it’s hilarious and then sobered up when I realized it happens here, too.

    What is the deal with boys and their anatomy jokes?! My sister and I never had any desire to call each other “vagina faces”.

    • I have no idea. Good point – I have all sisters so it was the same way! But my kids can sit around and make “junk” jokes all. day. long and they’re still young!!!!!!!

  2. Dinner ’round your house sounds like a good time! Yeah, love how kids can’t seem to manage the energy to do the smallest thing for you, unless their is some bribery involved!

    Yuck on the hair extensions!

    • No kidding. My kids can’t stop moving but the second I ask them to actually do something it’s all, “I’m so tired!” and luckily the hair extensions belonged to a very dear friend or they would have said hello to Mr. Trashbasket!

    • Oh my word, I am more concerned about how I will afford FEEDING them in 7 or so years. I can’t even imagine the attitudes. FTR – I like a nice Central Coast Pinot Noir…donations accepted 🙂

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