Bring on the Heat

Unintentional Rest Day
Too Hot, Too Sore (See video)

I put this bad boy together yesterday evening while I was waiting for the air conditioning guy to come.  Don’t worry…I don’t think I’ll be doing much more vlogging as I apparently suck at it.

A fun game – guess how many times I say hot during the video (answer’s at the end).

Is it hot where you are?
Do you want some cheese with my whine?


8 thoughts on “Bring on the Heat

    • Oh I’m glad you liked it. I thought it was a bombtastic fail. Then again it’s like hearing your own voice – no one wants to see how weird we actually are when talking, right?

  1. You are freaking awesome. I love love love your vlog. And love seeing you. Wish you were closer so I could hang out with you in real life and not just read your blog and watch your entire vlog and wish there was more. The kids and the fan…the best part! ha! What a fun mom. I think you need to vlog more often! Please. Stay cool! Or try. The freezer section at the store…smart. And stop doing speed work until you’ve got the green light! 😉 I know, so hard to do but you need that hip and achilles in great condition so you can not just be hot but smokin’ fast…sounds like you are already there. Great job on the 800’s even if you were breaking the rules. 🙂

    • Amanda, you’re too too kind! And yes the fan was actually hilarious. Sometimes I like remembering what I did when I was their age and showing them.

      Yes speed work wasn’t a great idea. I’ve learned 😦 Maybe one of these days we’ll catch up at a national race? If my pithy BQ gets me in one of these years….perhaps?!

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