Olympic Thoughts

3.5 mile runTreadmill Hata Strides

Since the Olympics are over, I thought I’d keep this post simple and give you some Olympic-sized thoughts for the weekend.  Actually there’s not my much Olympic about them, but whatevs.

Boob Tube Woes  I just downgraded my Facebook status from “Married to my TV” to “Casually Hooking Up”.  My TV then proceeded to unfriend me.  Turns out we’re back to our morning Sports Center rendezvous with an evening quickie with Spongebob.

In other news, I think the most impressive part of the Closing Ceremonies is not that they actually pulled it off, but that it looked like Posh smiled a little teeny, tiny bit at one point during the Spice Girls performance.

-Classy Pants  Yep, I busted out the classy pants once again this weekend.  On Saturday evening we had to squeeze a lot of people in my car and I ran out of room in the back for the car seats, so it meant smallest person sat in it.  I guess I drew the small stick.  Never has 31 looked so classy.

Climbing into the back seat gives me super classy hair. And apparently I was VERY happy about riding in this super awesome booster seat.

Quiet Moments  Without Track & Field streaming on my TV & computer, the neighborhood will be much quieter.  My neighbors will no longer find the need to come check on me because they “heard screaming”.  Sorry, that was just the men’s 5k ending.  #dontmindme

Ugandan Gold  Uh, hello, [or should I say ki kati]  Uganda’s gold in the Olympic marathon:  I was beside myself, pee my pants ecstatic.  Are we ready for the next Ugandan gold in 2024?  I already got him to agree to this, and a promise is a promise you know!

Calling for a 2024 repeat?   Source

-Not Fun Run  Given it was literally around 100 degrees when I got a chance to run yesterday, I opted to hit the treadmill in the A/C.  People, I made it 3.5 miles and it was a.w.f.u.l. (emphasis on f u, treadmill).  I don’t know how some of you do long runs on that torture device.  After 2 miles I want to break something and likely start muttering under my breath causing a scene in the gym (think Office Space fax machine style tantrum).   This week will be difficult with continued heat.  I’m predicting a nuclear meltdown in my just increasing mileage.  Just sayin’.

Any exciting weekend revelations?
Anything exciting?

10 thoughts on “Olympic Thoughts

  1. Seriously, I think the Ugandan winner gave the cutest post-race interview EVER. Love him.

    Yeah, treadmill running. Not for me, either!

    • Uh yes, on the post-race interview! I pretty much walked around all day yesterday saying, “Did you hear who won the men’s marathon this morning? Isn’t it amazing?” I’m pretty sure the non-English speaking tourists at the restaurant I was at were not impressed.

  2. ugh. treadmill = death.
    Do you also suffer from Treadmill Amnesia? If it’s been a while, I hop on it all giddy-like, completely forgetting how torturous it was the last time.
    I don’t know how people do it, either. I have a friend who busts out, like, 10+, low 7-paced miles on that thing.

    • I know! I hear or read about it all the time and am all, “How DO YOU DO THAT?”. The only time I’ve found it to be a little easier is if I actually plug into a TV show I really want to watch and get lost in it. Beyond that – 10 minutes in I want to be done, done, done.

  3. I am so sad the Olympics are over; not sure what I am going to do with my life now that I don’t have all those random sports to watch.
    I cannot, cannot stand the treadmill. I have tried all kinds of distraction techniques and I just cannot do it- I am always like ‘get me off this thing or I’m gonna go postal’.

    • I guess this means I actually have to go back to having a life and can’t hide behind the TV anymore. It was fun while it lasted! And yes I have to go hit the treadmill again tonight. Here’s to hoping for minimal violence and anger when I’m done.

  4. I can’t believe that you fit into that booster seat! That’s hilarious. My family came to town, and I spent much of the weekend in the back seat sandwiched between my mother and grandmother. It was unpleasant. And I got a little whiney.

    • It’s not really as impressive as it seems, they pretty much make them to fit kids until their freshman year of high school these days! Kids are bigger & have to be in the seats longer. Not to mention I was a little concerned I’d get stuck!

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