I’m Crabby – You’ve Been Warned

5.55 Miles (7:20-8 min miles)
43:01 Minutes
Seriously Sweaty Strides

You know those fabulous runs where you feel great and everything just clicks.  Yeah, yesterday wasn’t one of them.  I was crabby and while I ran I naturally brooded in my crabbiness.  And since it’s Thursday, I embrace my mid 1990’s rapper and I get all real as shizzle here.

Why was I crabby?

How lazy am I post gym class & run? Yep, just ate the zucchini whole. Wait, you’re supposed to cook these things??

-Gym lady.  I ventured into a Body Pump type class on Tuesday night and some woman approached me all, “Oh you’re new here.  Good luck.  Go easy on the weights.  This is so, so hard.”

Translation:  Take it easy scrawnball.  Better get the 2.5 lb dumbells. 

Naturally I doubled my weight and breezed through the class barely breaking a sweat and fighting every urge to “accidentally” drop my weight on her toe.

Let it be noted, despite my lanky scrawntastic arms, please don’t ask me if I need help carrying super heavy things.  You know, like a gallon of milk or a paint can.  I just might stare at you with great disdain and then blog about it.  I hoist 40-50 pound children around most days and can carry not one, but two gallons of milk at the same time.  Shocker, I know.

Oh, the redeeming quality of the gym you ask?  (no you didn’t, but I’m telling you anyway)  Seeing that even the most toned stomachs of all after a few kids can still slap your chin when you’re doing plank jacks.  So glad I’m not alone.

It was hot.  I know, I know.  It’s been triple digits everywhere for months.  Yada yada yada.  But I pay a lot of money for perfect weather so I earn the right to complain when it’s not perfect.  That said, the heat on my run was brutal.  Around mile 2, my mid-afternoon snack started attempting a resurgence.  I tried to ignore it and kept running.  I felt like I was walking, but was pulling sub-8’s out of my overheated tiny hiney.

-My kids are camping.  I’m not with them.  Enough said.

I can always go for a good blonde mid-week. Honey blonde beer that is. Nothing better than carbo loading with good friends post-run.

I have no reason to be.  Yes, you read this right.  I had no reason to be crabby, but I was.  Great work meeting, I was getting in a nice run before meeting a few friends for dinner (“Hi ladies!”).  Zero reason to be crabby and yet there I was getting my crab on like donkey kong, which only made the crabbiness worse.

A long cool shower, fabulous dinner with good company and a few hours later and I had sunk da funk.  Bring it on Thursday.  Bring it on. 


8 thoughts on “I’m Crabby – You’ve Been Warned

  1. I was extremely crabby yesterday too but unfortunately it is carrying over into my Thursday. Just warning you, that’s all.

  2. ha! I’ve been a major crab too! And I don’t know why. Maybe the small pregnant belly that I’m sporting is a sign that I’m bloated and hormonal? But I don’t keep track of such things so for now I’m just being a major B! So funny about the gym lady. Glad you were able to get rid of that funk!

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