When Did I Become a Soccer Mom?

Today was a rest day, though I did get a mild bit o’ sweat on with a few ladies.  After a mimosa fueled marathon watching party, a few of us decided to see just how hard race walking is.

Photo courtesy of Sarah. Find it here

Turns out it’s a bit harder than we anticipated.

Clearly we have so much in common – like we both breathe air. Source

As August is clearly here to stay, I’m forced to face fall-  soccer season is starting.  And it turns out that I’m a volunteer and have not 1, not 2, but 3 kids in soccer.

Which begs the question.

When did I become a soccer mom?

Let me begin this by saying that I’m not your typical soccer mom.  I don’t wear those buttons with your kid on it, I don’t spend hours putting together spectacular little bags of stuff for the kids, and I let the referees do their job instead of screaming at them..most of the time.

But I do provide some fun, on the field support.

It might look like I’m playing, but I’m mostly getting my butt kicked by 48 inch munchkins.

And I provide some on-field discipline.  I wish it weren’t true, but I was really trying to pick his nose.  Seriously.  He was being a total pest and I told him if he didn’t stop I’d pick his nose.  And good parenting is all consistency, so I had to follow through.

Nose picking = maternal love

But mostly I’m there for comic relief.  I’m not kidding.  Some kid kicked me in the crotch with his cleats and a friend happened to catch this gem of a shot.

I have to say, this look works for me, no?

Actually the most significant part of soccer season comes the tweaks and adjusting in training/racing.  Longer runs have to be scheduled in the wee hours of the morning before games and my kids end up a little more tired so they don’t want to put in as many miles with me so I have to get more creative bribe them more.

I am also that mom who runs to her kids’ games so I sit there sweaty, smelling and disgusting.  Or at least that’s the reason I tell myself the flies buzz around while game watching.  I clearly know how to win friends and influence people in the best way possible.

That and with each passing year I have to admit I’m not 22 anymore, which seems hard to believe.

What’s your biggest challenge in managing life’s priorities with fitness?
Any tips or tricks?


6 thoughts on “When Did I Become a Soccer Mom?

    • So glad you found this crazy place on the interwebz. I will definitely check out the Leibster award as well. And yes, it’s so much fun to watch your kids play sports. I love watching them do what they do 🙂

  1. We spent our first Three Boys in Soccer At The Same Time (can we make that a thing? Maybe shorten it?) season, during the Spring. It was every bit the juggling mess I thought it would be. Fun, though. From your pics, it looks like you and your boys had quite a bit of that, as well. 🙂

    I, too, am known as Stinky Mom, at the games. I’m pretty sure if I didn’t show up wearing sweat-soaked running gear, no one would even recognize me. Such beautiful memories we’re creating for our children!

    • Yes it’s season 3 and it’s CA-RAY-ZEE! But I wouldn’t change it for anything.

      And yes I have no idea if people would recognize me in non-synthetic fibers that aren’t practically adhered to my body!

  2. Where did you get your headband? I’m using cotton ones, and it’s pretty gross when I can wring out the sweat at the end of my runs

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