Keepin’ It Classy

5ish Miles
Sweaty, Beer Motivated Strides
@ Road Runner Sports Adventure Run

Yesterday I was keepin’ it real class in the McD house.  Strawberry was rushing through breakfast and panicked because he didn’t have a glass.  I learned him real good that if you have less than half an inch of milk – glasses are foregone.

Going green? Don’t use glasses then recycle container.  Done and done.

After cruising through another day of successfully wearing both shirts AND pants for all work meetings, I changed into my classy pants and headed out to the Road Runner Sports Adventure Run.

People, if you live near a store that hosts these you have to go.  I went to meet more local runners and guess what – it works!  I showed up and saw a bunch of peeps whom I had seen in various local races over the summer, I even found a group I had met last month, met a woman who was a week overdue with her first baby trying to get labor kick started, met a few new people – including traffic tempting blogger a few of you may know.

Me and a few of my local running “friends” – this was only about 1/3 of the people there

Want to come and find winning tickets? Don’t look here. Look all around me. The “winningest” ticket I had was when I accidentally got a second free beer. I’ll take that!

They literally give away thousands of dollars of stuff, you get in a few free miles and get to try and make sense of a crazy map on your iPhone as you adventure off following the “check points” collecting tickets.  Fast, slow, old or young (wow, this is almost sounding like a personal ad) will have a fab time.

Nothing says super fun like leaving sweaty butt prints on the asphault with people you hardly know or just met.  No, seriously, I mean that.

Do you live near a Road Runner Sports?
If not, do you have local running events like this?


4 thoughts on “Keepin’ It Classy

  1. There isn’t a Road Runner very near me, but another locally-owned one hosts bi-monthly events like this. It’s hard for me to attend evening runs, but every time I’ve been able to go I love them.

    FYI: It usually takes me a few entries to determine whether or not I enjoy a person’s blog enough to bookmark and/or follow them. I read only one of your posts (The In Between Place) and was immediately smitten. Keep ’em coming!!

    • I’ll match your smittenness (yes it’s totally a word) and raise you one as reading this during the chaos that is the grocery store line on a Saturday afternoon was totally fab.

      BTW – I’m going to keep my eye on you..looks like we’ve got some similar PR goals in the future 🙂 And you’ve so got a BQ in the bag with those times!

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