True Confession Thursday: Short & Sweet

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Regular readers know that it’s Thursday which means I get to tell you all sorts of embarrassing stuff.  You game?

This was 4 hours post dentist. It was far worse during the video conference

Dental Woes.  I had to get a filling yesterday which left half my mouth paralyzed a large part of the day.  This meant I had to have a teleconference with a new coworker while half my face didn’t work and I was making repeated farting noises with my mouth
as my lip just flapped in the freaking wind.  Poor new colleague, he probably thinks I’m crazy.  He’d be half right.

I ate Ben & Jerry’s after my workout.  It was on sale and I’ve been so good.  So sue me.

I had the ultimate “search term” on my blog yesterday.  Someone actually searched “i have a naughty aunt that looks at my crotch” and it somehow led them to this place.  I would feel dirty if I wasn’t giggling so hard 8 hours later.

Work at home woes.  Prior to the Quasimoto video conference I thought it might have just been a teleconference and I spilled water all over my shirt right before it started (uh hello genius your face is numb why do you think your mouth will work?) so I was just sitting there in my bra with my shirt in the dryer when I got the request for a video conference.   But don’t judge.  I regularly work in a sports bra or sans pants.  If no one’s home, I’m working and spandex is my business casual, why should I have to be dressed?  The UPS driver doesn’t seem to mind.  And for the record, I grabbed the closest shirt around which sadly came from the dirty laundry.

Sadly this is only half of his feet, the rest are sporting more blisters.

Ignorant parenting.  My son was complaining about his feet all last night and then after his 6 hour soccer camp.  I repeatedly told him to “Cowboy up cupcake” and stop complaining.  Later in the day I found not 1, not 2, but 5 huge blisters all over his feet and toes.  Bad mommy!  Bad!

So there you have it…there’s plenty more to tell but that will have to suffice for now.

In other news, Laguna Hills Road Runner Adventure Run is tonight.  If you’re an OC’er you definitely need to check it out.  Free runs, free laughs, free giveaways, and most importantly free adult beverages.  It is an enchanting evening where local runners will run for beer.


8 thoughts on “True Confession Thursday: Short & Sweet

  1. So for embarrassing moments… Walked this morning and reinsured my gluteus. Went to ice it. Could only find a package of frozen lemonade (alcohol included). First time I’ve had a drink at that end 😉

    • I hope you got a low deductible on your glute. 😉 How much does it cost to insure that Mom? That said, I doubt you’re the first one to try a drink on that end. From my understanding adult beverages are a universal recovery drink!

  2. You kill me! I work from home also, so I can totally relate. It really does suck to have to make presentable on occasion!

    • Oh the “work at home” posts I could write. Bicep curls while I think on projects, not showering after 10 mile early morning runs until 3 because I get too busy, weight lifting to “power up” when my energy’s low. I think I got out of the shower one day and got sucked into emails/voicemails and worked in a towel for about 2 hours before I remembered to go get ready. Yeesh!

    • I can’t tell you how many times I’ve answered the door wearing the winter jacket/sweatshirt that’s hanging on a hook by the door when it’s 100+ degrees outside so I’m not in my sports bra when I answer. We work at homey’s are crazy peeps!

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