The In Between Place

5 mile progressive run
Steadily Speedier Strides

Mile 1- 8:46
Mile 2- 8:21
Mile 3- 7:25 (this is where I ditched the kids)
Mile 4- 7:16
Mile 5- 7:13

A face only a mother could love. This was post-run. He was super happy about it the whole experience.

My kids were awful this morning.  I mean A.W.F.U.L.  Soccer camp in the heat for 5-6 hours a day is eating them alive and toying with my patience as well.

So I made them serve penance – riding their razors with me as fast as I could yell at them to go for about 2.5-3 miles.  It was fugly man, really fugly.  Hot, crabby, sweaty miles.

Which leads me to the in between place.  When your babes are little there’s the dreaded jogging stroller run.  Pushing your body weight or more is no fun whatsoever.

But then you get to the point where the jogging stroller is no longer an option and your kids aren’t old enough to either stay home alone or really do more than a few miles with you.

The in-between place.

Since it’s just the boys and me at the house, getting up early and sneaking out isn’t an option, so I’ve got to be creative.  My approach….

Hit the trails.  We have paved bike trails around here which make it easy for me to keep an eye on the kids and for them to ride their bikes or Razors.   Plus who says it isn’t cool to have your own running entourage.  It’s as close as I’ll ever get to a motorcycle escort.  The downside is keeping them on the right side of the bike path so as to not piss off the bikers.  We often fail miserably at this.

Park galore!

Park Paths.  This is so not my fave, but I do it anyway. We have a local park with a .4 mile path around it.  The kids play soccer, count my laps, complain, high five me and scream at one another while I lap it around the park.  I can usually make it about 10 laps before I start hating my life.

Our local park. You can frequently hear me yelling, “Shake it off!” from a quarter mile away.

-Bribery.  When all else fails I pull the Yogurtland card.  It’s a hop, skip and jump from the bike path/park we usually go to.  I’ve also been known to make my famous banana soft serve or promise night swimming in order to keep the kids engaged.

Swimming goes a long way in our house…

What to expect:

Slow miles.  I am trying to focus on running, keeping kids in check, refereeing the bickering and all on the right side of the trail.  This does not make for an efficient nor relaxing run.  That said, when I ditch my kids at the playground, I can tear it up on the path around it especially since I know my time is limited and it’s only a matter of moments before chaos erupts.

Gritting your teeth.  I shave off .5 mm every time I do this.  At this rate, I’ll have to get implants (and not the typical OC kind if you know what I mean…)by 2014.

Swearing under your breath. See picture below

My son snapped this as we were leaving. I believe I was asking (for the 3rd time) to get the razors and go home.

-Heartwarming Encouragement.  “Mom, you’re so fast!”  “Mom, you’re amazing!”  “Mom, did you pee your pants yet?”  As an added bonus the entire surrounding neighborhood hears the cheers!

-Crazy stares.  Oh well, that’s just normal.  C’est la vie.  I can’t go anywhere without gawkers galore…we just stand out a wee bit in public.

Any other tips or tricks for running with kids in the “in between” age?


9 thoughts on “The In Between Place

  1. I think a lot of people rely on the *ugh* treadmill during the “in between” phase. Treadmill at the house while the kids do their normal stuff, or treadmill at the gym while the kids play in the daycare area. Either one. On the bright side, treadmills are gentler on your body than paths!

    • Oh no way, no how. I’m an avid dreadmill avoider. I’d rather scream at my kids for 5 miles than do 5 miles on the treadmill. I cap out at about 3 miles and then I become borderline crazy!

  2. Love how you get it done, no matter what! You definitely are at that “in between” age. There’s always the track, too, if they can come up with enough things to do while you run your speed work.

    I will admit, it’s kind of nice to be past that point!

    • I have to say it’s harder to juggle, but your kids are sponges taking it all in. Last night my 7 year old was literally crying because we weren’t going to do yoga together before bed and all three of them sat right with me doing Jillian Michaels and having a burpee contest 🙂 They really value being fit & strong and I know it’s because it’s been modeled for them!

  3. I’ve got four – a baby, a four year olad, a seven year old and a nine year old – and you’re right, the inbetween years are tough. Usually the older two hop on their scooters or bikes, the four year old grabs his bike and the baby goes in the stroller and then we all head out on the bike path. I usually try to tag it to errands they benefit from (run to karate) or work in a park or two along the way. It’s nice to know that I’m not the only one out there yelling at her kids to ‘scoot faster, Momma wants to be able to count these miles!’.

    • Four?! That’s amazing. And heaven’s no you’re not alone. I think people probably think I’m crazy yelling, “Faster! Faster!” or “Mommy will buy Yogurtland if we can do this in under 20 minutes” 🙂

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