Four Corners

3.1 Hilly Miles
Putzy Strides

They say the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over but expecting different results.  Apparently hills make me insane.   I keep running them hoping I’ll eventually like them, but I don’t.  And lately, my workouts are mostly hills.

Small sample of today’s run

We runners really are a crazy bunch.  If you’re a runner you get this, and if you’re not – YOU REALLY KNOW THIS.   My insanity with hills only proves this to myself.  But for the general running population, the craziness was verified on my way to summer camp drop off a few weeks ago.

I stumbled across a major intersection with what can only be recorded as possibly the world’s longest light, giving time for ample people watching.  Seriously this light makes me want to shout four letter words about 10 times a week.

Corner 1:  Back It Up  In corner #1 I saw a man jog across the street and upon arriving to the opposite side of the street he proceeded to turn around, and run.  Backwards.  Down the street.

I have no idea how he did it.  There is not a graceful bone in my body.  I fall on a regular basis running and walking forward, so I won’t chance it going backwards.

Corner 2:  Stretchy Sue  In Corner 2, Stretchy Sue put on quite the show doing yoga.  And I’m not talking sissy stretchy poses like a lunge.  I’m talking arm balance poses like dolphin & firefly.

Maybe I’m missing something (like yes, Sheila, you do need to stretch more) but I just can’t imagine taking 3 minutes to bust into fancy schmancy yoga poses amidst morning rush hour.  I save that embarrassment for my kids (and apparently my mother).

Corner 3:  Fast Foot McGee  Dude was doing high knees, butt kicks and jogging circles around the corner.

I know the running world is split on this one.  I get it, 80% of the time I stand there looking pissed like this photo declares.  But….(there’s always a but) if I’ve run more than 14 miles and I have to actually physically stop, I. won’t. start. again.

So if you see me doing this, rest assured I’m near the end of a long run and that’s my only excuse.

Corner 4:  Push Up Dude  This jogger decided he didn’t want to be lumped with Fast Foot McGee doing the jogger shuffle on the street, but apparently couldn’t handle the 3 minute break so he just dropped to the sidewalk and gave all passerby spectators 20.

20 pushups that is.

When I hang out on street corners I’m most likely to be staring wistfully at people in their cars crabbily at my watch, clutching at my iPhone to stop my iMapMyRun app, or stretching my calves (not doing fancy schmancy yoga moves).  But mostly, when possible, I just avoid streetlights when running.

How do you handle the street corners?

Let me hear your tricks!  (Bah dum pah…pun totally and completely intended!)


2 thoughts on “Four Corners

  1. Wow–you got to see it all in one fell swoop! I am definitely the one who just hangs at the corner, waiting to hit go on my watch again. I would mortify myself if I pulled a stretchy Sue!

    • It was hilarious. My kids and i were in the car cracking up at the odds of seeing all of this in a 3 minute window. At least they stopped whining about the morning’s injustices (someone having a toothbrush first, running out of fave cereal) as we cracked up for a few short minutes 🙂

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