Back to Reality

A few weeks ago  I highlighted my “Dream Team” list of races to reach my 2012-2013 goal of a half a month.  And while it was fun to hang out in La La Land for a bit, I also need to snap back to reality and remember that I have to buy groceries for my kids and put money into savings.  Psht.  Real life.

So the “This is what’s likely going to happen” list.

September – SheRuns San Diego.  It’s a hilly, mostly trail half marathon and I’ll just be getting my mileage up so my goal is to do this nice local-ish race slow and steady.

Long Beach 2011 – I’m dying and the punk behind me is casually checking if it’s 9:30 yet.

October – Long Beach It’s my fave in So Cal.  It’s a big race, but I love, love, love the course and I *heart* Long Beach.

November – Toss Up.  Malibu, Silver Strand or Anaheim Halves.  Likely it will be Anaheim.  It’s teeny tiny, it’s inaugural and involves the least amount of travel.

December – Las Vegas Rock n Roll or Santa to Sea in Ventura.  These are two entirely different races, but I’ll have to see which fits into the calendar since I have not one, but 2 kids’ birthdays to celebrate in early December.  I suppose I should plan around them.  Priorities.

January – Tinkerbell Half.  Registered and set.  I’m not a huge fan of such an expensive race, but as a person who visits Disney about 15-20 times a year, and who saw the race last year, I figure I gotta do it once.  Plus I’m lucky enough to not have to worry about travel or ridiculous gas costs for this one.

2012 Surf City Start- This was before my flu kicked in at mile 10

February – Surf City or San Diego Women’s.  I did Surf City and really thought the course blew.  There are a few perks to the race A: My family was there and B: I shaved 4 minutes off my PR, C:  I didn’t feel as guilty eating all the Super Bowl crap later that day and D: People watched my kids so I could watch football because I looked “tired”.  (Thanks Mom!)  That said, the course was so boring I don’t know if I want to do it again.  *yawns*

March – ????  I can’t find a decent local-ish race to do.  Any ideas??

April – Hollywood Half or Boston.  I mean, come on, those are so clearly alike.  If by some freakish reason my 1 minute 18 second sub-qualifying time allows me in, I’ll be be in Bah-stin running a wicked fun race.  If not, hello Hollywood Half.  It had mixed reviews last year, but I have family right near the starting line and it makes it uber convenient to run.  Plus you never know what celebrities you’ll bump into when you arrive at 5 am for the race start and they’re heading home from the bars.

Laguna Hills 2011. The guy behind me and I chased each other the entire time.

May – Laguna Hills Peeps, this one is on my radar since it’s literally in my neighborhood.  I will place at this.  I don’t care what happens.  2012 goal transfers due to my DNS due to injury.

June & July – I need to see what races come out of the wood work to decide.

So the list isn’t nearly complete, but whatever it’s a start.  I am sure there will be slight changes but I’m excited to check out all sorts of races in the area the next year!

For my race plan gaps- anyone have any suggestions??


9 thoughts on “Back to Reality

  1. I’m betting you’ll get into Boston. Fingers crossed for you.

    Sounds like you’ve got lots of great local races–and you’ve put together a great line up from what I can tell!

    • Thanks on Boston! With this injury post-marathon I didn’t even have a chance (nor did I really want) to try another one to shave another few minutes off. Can’t wait to kick off the 12 in 12 🙂

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  6. When I initially commented I clicked the “Notify me when new comments are added” checkbox and now each time a comment is added I get four e-mails with the same comment.
    Is there any way you can remove me from that service?
    Thank you!

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